October 21, 2014

Sneakbo (@Sneakbo) ft Krept & Konan – Right Here [Audio]

South London is known for bringing the heat in the UK rap world and this track right here proves it as 3 of their finest join for a wicked collaboration. Sneakbo enlists BET award winners Krept & Konan for track Right Here taken from his forthcoming Certified tape.


October 21, 2014

Paigey Cakey (@Paigey_Cakey) ft Abel Miller (@AbelMiller) – Trust Me [Music Video]

Known for her feisty flow, normally rapping and delivering some sharp punchlines, Paigey Cakey shows a different side to her for Trust Me, a soulful more elegant side as she sings channeling her R&B side and is joined by R&B boy Abel Miller. This track will be on her mixtape The Right Paige out Oct 30th.


October 16, 2014

Eyez (@Eyez_Uk) – Hard To Get Over (Prod by. Zdot) [Music Video]

Eyez is one MC who I took notice of after being on Lord Of The Mics 5. From Bristol the MC dives into deep into his thoughts for his track Hard To Get Over as he talks about life in general with some deep, reflective opinions.


October 16, 2014

D Double E (@DDoubleE7) – Lovely Jubbly [Music Video]

D Double E wants his money and he gets it too as he plays an East End mobster in his new video for brand new single Lovely Jubbly, which will be out on 23rd November via Dirtee Stank.


October 15, 2014

UKF Celebrate Their Fifth Anniversary [MTV Feature]

As UKF celebrate 5 years in the game, we look back at their rise to success and talk to the artists involved…

UKF are set to have a huge birthday bash tonight (Friday Oct 10), celebrating five years since the birth of the brand, and what an amazing five years it has been! The Wrap Up talk to some of the artists performing on the night to see what UKF means to them and the EDM scene in general.

TC and Brookes Brothers discuss their thoughts on electronic music culture, with TC telling me: “It’s really different in every country in the world. In the UK, the crowd seems really educated, even the underground stuff. It’s like for some reason people in the UK really know the tracks. A lot of other places have that too, but the UK seems to just have that on lock, especially in D&B.”

The Brookes Brothers comment on its changes. “It’s changed beyond recognition from when we were growing up but its as strong as it ever has been. There’s so much going on it’s ridiculous!”

With the charts set on fire with artists such as Chase & Status, WilkinsonDuke DumontDisclosure and more, Brookes Brothers praise these artists: “Disclosure sparked a lot of the interest in ‘deep house’ in the UK when they first started getting attention two or so years ago – they pretty much spawned a whole new scene”.

TC explains the growth of EDM: “There’s so much content. There’s also loads of access to software now that there’s so much exciting talent coming through. It’s a really exciting and creative time. Sometimes in the past I feel the scene has got a little bit stagnant, but right now there’s a freedom to be creative… it’s wicked.”

Brookes Brothers agree with TC, also discussing what they think the main factors are behind the growth. “The digital generation who grew up with the sounds of computer bleeps and video games are more open to electronic music than previous generations. The bigger radio stations and labels have been pushing it harder and harder over the last five years or so which has had that snowball effect and the perception of it in the mainstream has changed massively.”

This growth helps the genres of EDM such D&B, Dubstep and House, but 10 years ago you wouldn’t have seen it so often in the charts. But with pop tracks taking influence from the genres, it’s presence in mainstream music has been solidified.

Brookes Brothers agree. “Things come and go but House music has had its place in the charts and clubs for years in one form or the other – its the most accessible form of dance music and such a great template for pop records as well. Its good to see it back in the charts. People have a naturally huge appetite for that four to the floor beat at 120bpm.”

It’s evident through this discussion with TC and the Brookes Brothers that there has been an uplifting change in the electronic music world over the past five years and how much it has expanded. Not a day goes by on Facebook anymore when I don’t see a video of a people shuffling, which I would never have seen a few years ago.

UKF have definitely played a major part in this and TC says its to do with “Luke who runs the channel – he’s really into his music and I respect that.”

They have hit a such a wide fanbase through what they do, catering to many people through their events, channel, downloads and more, with Brookes Brothers saying “It definitely helped the music reach a new audience and grow globally, also it brought in a new younger audience who can’t get into clubs just yet.”

A big congratulations to the team and as UKF stated themselves, “Bring on the next five years!”

Published on MTV The Wrap Up on Friday 10th October –  http://www.mtv.co.uk/the-wrap-up/blog/ukf-celebrate-their-fifth-anniversary#spdPwGVCY4dq1Hiy.99

October 15, 2014

Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4Real) & Friends @ Wembley SSE (Hartbeat Weekend) [Review]

I ventured down to Wembley’s SSE Arena on Sunday to watch the magnificent American comedian Kevin Hart who was joined by some of his friends for the Hartbeat Weekend.


Let me explain briefly who Kevin Hart is for some of you that don’t know. Well he is a pretty big deal especially in the States and is now here too as the SSE was packed to the brim with fans and celebrities. He is not only a successful comedian but an actor too, appearing in ‘Little Fockers’, ‘Soul Plane’, ‘Paper Soldiers’ and more.

Out of Philadelphia like some of his comedy inspirations such as Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy, Harts’ stand up comedy is really worth watching as he talks about his life experiences and insecurities making it relevant to the listener also.

Harts’ friends included Hackney bred Kojo who was the only Brit on the bill, but for me was the best as I think everyone in the crowd understood his dry humor and it was literally non-stop laughs throughout. Rodney Perry was my second favourite one as he also drew on life experiences in particular his age and family. Deon Cole also had quite a dry humor, entering the stage dressed sort of cow-boy looking with a list of things of jokes he had to complete, ticking them off as he went along. The headliner was Donnell Rawlings from New York who also had people in stitches and brought a different energy to Wembley.

All in all every act brought something different to their performance, and no one was similar to the other, making it an absolutely fantastic night of comedy to remember.

October 15, 2014

Potter Payper (@ThePotterBk) – Bandoe / We Good

Potter Payper is one to watch out for. Seriously. He is one of the best lyricists around and this track Bandoe/We Good is just another example of how well the Essex rapper can put together a track and visuals to match. The track switches it up half way through from talking about trapping to a female vocalist and PP spitting about a relationship.



October 15, 2014

Scorcher (@ScorchersLife) – No One Else [Audio]

Scorcher shows a different side to him on new track No One Else with some real talk about making a relationship work which is rather refreshing to see from a British MC, as they often don’t talk about situations like this. Look out for his EP 1 Of 1 coming soon which this track will be on and a live show at the Jazz Cafe with full band and some special guests!

October 14, 2014

These Times – (@StayFreshTweets) ft Don Menna, Movez, Macca, Casper, Raider & SafOne [Audio]

The StayFresh Grime crew from the Midlands are back with a wicked new single titled These Times ft members Don Menna, Movez, Macca, Casper, Raider & SafOne. The single is a catchy one and is sure to do well with the official release date 16th November, produced by in house producer Swifta Beater.


October 14, 2014

Splurgeboys (@splurgeboys) ft Frisco (@BigFris), Snowy Danger & James Pyke | 19 How Long [Music Video]

This new one from Splurgeboys is mental, the production/MC duo return with a dark, grimey track. They have joined forces for 19 How Long with PAP (Paper Aero Planes) Snowy Danger & James Pyke and Boy Better Know’s Frisco for this banger referencing how long they have all been in the music game for with P Money also in the video.