Khalia touches down…

You may recognize the name Khalia from the female reply she wrote to Wiz Khalifa’s, ‘Roll Up,’ which in the space of just a month received over 100,000 hits on YouTube.

Not bad for a seventeen year old who entered a management/production state with DMP at the tender age of fifteen. She may be one of the youngest urban female artists in the UK right now, but she does not compete with anyone else, only perfection. Her first single ‘Candy Rain,’ an ingenious cover of the Soul For Real hit, confirmed her talent and potential to the listening world, and this initial success was further cemented by ‘Climb’, the first single on her album, ‘Touch Down’.

Having already worked with some talented writers on her album such as Curtis Richardson (Rhianna/J-Lo) and Karl Gordon (Jessie J/Sugababes), Khalia has done a lot. ‘I’ve done three videos in the space of a year, and they’ve all been quite successful, they have been on Channel AKA.’ Khalia describes her sound as, ‘urban but quite catchy, it also has a commercial edge to it.’

The mixtape ‘Touch Down,’ co-written by Khalia and Darren Martyn, shows her progression and confidence as a writer. ‘When we were writing the mixtape that was the song that created the title and the concept. It’s basically about touching down onto the music scene, saying you know this is me, here I am.’ Khalia uses her life experiences to write some songs, ‘I think they do make the best songs. An example would be ‘Love Story,’ it’s on the mixtape as well. It’s about me meeting a boy in Jamaica on holiday and falling in love with him and having to go back home, because it was just a holiday. It’s reality; it’s a true story. We were writing on a bashment vibe and I thought that would be the best beat or vibe to tell that story.’ This is also one of her favourite songs, because it makes her feel good and reminisce.

Read the rest of the feature here

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