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December 16, 2011

Snoop Dogg In Trouble For Blazing A Blunt In The Middle East

It has been reported by TMZ that he has been threatened with a lawsuit when performing at a concert in 2009 in Beirut. He was seen at the afterparty smoking weed, which is illegal in Lebanon. He also featured footage of this in his music video, That’s Tha Homie.

Concert promoter Roger Kalaouz is unhappy after Lebanese authorities found out about the weed smoking, and opened a criminal investigation into his company. He claims it has left his reputation, ‘severely damaged.’

Kalaouz is now seeking damages of $280k, and has sent letters to Snoop’s people. He also wants as part of the deal for Snoop to book 2 concerts in the Middle East through him.

December 16, 2011

Jay Z Compares Having Kids To Running Roc Nation

Jay Z spoke to MTV News in New York about becoming a father soon.

“I think running a label is a bit like having kids,” he told MTV.

He is known to let his artists take the lead, and has an off hands approach when it comes to them.

“When you know someone needs more help, you help them,” he explained. “When you see that someone can make it on their own … you see Kanye or J. Cole, you see that sort of talent — you let that talent be. You let that talent find its way.”

“Of course you’re not gonna let any harm befall it,” he added. “You pretty much let people find their way.”

“I’m just really here to provide opportunity. I’m not here to do anything else.”

December 16, 2011

Tinie Tempah ‘Happy Birthday’ EP

Tinie drops his new 9 track EP Happy Birthday with DJ Booth. Check out the tracklisting and link to download it here…