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October 27, 2015

Shakka Wows At Electric Ballroom [Review] @IAmShakka

Shakka’s headline gig took place at the Electric Ballroom in Camden packed full of excited fans. Arriving just after 8pm the newly signed singer to label Pitched Up, a Sony imprint was not heading on stage till 9.15, so we got to hear the warm-up DJ play tunes such as Giggs “Look What The Cat Dragged In” and “Monsta Man”, Sean Paul’s “Get Busy” and some more new skool hip hop and R&B jams.

Etta Bond was the supporting act before the main man himself performed, and she set the tone well. With a blue lit background and just her and the musicians on the stage. Etta filled the stage with her presence and sultry voice. The mix of calming tracks and more energetic ones kept the audience on their toes. Etta worked it like a pro on the stage singing her tracks such as “Boring Bitches”, “Seen and Never Heard” and a performance of a classic R&B track from Teedra Moses “Be Your Girl” which everyone seemed to know even the younger faces.


Shakka’s entrance onto the stage exploded with a roar from the crowd, alerting any unsuspecting people that he was there, announcing “It’s Shakka with two K’s if you don’t know who I am”. I’m pretty sure everyone knew exactly who the talented West London singer/songwriter was. He kicked off with “When Will I See You Again” leading into a new song off the “Lost Boys” EP “ You Don’t Know What You Do To Me”. He then performed an incredible acapella showing off how strong his vocals are without his band.

He took a break to talk to the crowd expressing his gratitude but also expressing his passion “It’s amazing to have you know it no joke I do this full time, my mums very happy”, also showing a humorous side to him. He slowed it down and took it back to 2012 for one of his older songs “Take Our Time” going into the audience to sing to one lucky lady. A track I would say that really caught people’s attention was up next “Blackout” which he announced unfortunately the rapper on it would not be there, so Shakka performed the rap himself fluently.

He then made the crowd “Turn Up” with a rendition of “Am I Wrong” and freestyling over beats such as D Double E’s “Hard”, before going into “Walk With The Elephants” which got the crowd going wild, especially when BBK’s Frisco joined him. Shakka’s stage presence and hunger was evidently present and he commanded the audience and kept them enthralled, whether he was standing still or dancing to one of his more upbeat tracks. He ended on his latest release “Say Nada” with the words “One Day I’ll Make A Million” as he sung with such truth. Shakka is destined to be a star and nothing is going to hold him back.

Buy Shakka – Lost Boys EP here

October 26, 2015

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @Adele @Bonkaz @YellowsUK @Young_Spray @OfficialGiggs @Novelist @KyleLettman

Adele – Hello

News came out that one of Britain’s finest singers Adele has completed her new album 25 and this week saw her release the video to her first single to be heard off of it “Hello”. The single was premiered on the breakfast show on Radio 1 along with an honest interview with Adele that reminded us why she is seen as a national treasure to us. The soulful singer has yet again captivated people with her voice, haunted with her lyrics and got people talking about the flip phone in her video. Watch it below.

Bonkaz – You Don’t Know

Bonkaz shows people he can have fun with his music too with his new track “You Don’t Know” which samples Dizzee Rascal’s “Bonkers”. Produced by Splurgeboys and Sonny Reeves, Annie Mac announced it as her ‘hottest record in the world’ on her Radio 1 show. This track is set to be another future anthem from Bonkaz, who we can see is going to be bringing us hits for a long time to come.

Yellows – Yella Belly 

Alwayz Recordings rapper from North London Yellows has just dropped the visuals to accompany his new freestyle “Yella Belly” which premiered on GRM Daily. Yellows talk real life issues in this new one, what he’s been going through personally and why he’s been quite for a bit musically. He rides the beat like a pro and his flow is naturally tight on it. This is real and why it’s one of my tracks of the week.

Young Spray & Giggs – Gangster For Certain

What a combination. When you hear these two names together you know this is going to be a banger. North London’s Young Spray joins forces with South London’s Giggs who are two of UK rap’s hardest; bring us the video for “Gangsters For Certain”. This is UK rap at it’s grittiest and is a street anthem that will be a classic for years to come.

Novelist – Endz

Lewisham Grime MC Novelist keeps coming with the bangers and “Endz” sees the 18-year-old take it back in time to the foundational roots. The video is nostalgic, looking like it was filmed on a handheld camera giving it a vintage feel, and the beat is minimal allowing Novelist to spray his bars about his hometown of Brockley.

Kyle Lettman – Crush 

Kyle Lettman that will get you feeling all hot under the collar when you press play on his sexy, brand new single “Crush” off his second EP Under Construction which will drop next month. “Crush” brings old school R&B vibes back that we all remember and love with some reggae influence, which kind of reminds us a bit of Sean Paul but more R&B. It will make you want to hit the dance floor as it’s filled with straight vibes bringing a basement feel.

October 19, 2015

Pixies Tracks Of The Week

Dapz On The Map – Murdah

Birmingham’s Dapz On The Map keeps it local, as he hooks up with fellow Brum Swifta Beater for the production of new track “Murdah”. The track features a guest performance from his 5-year old daughter Lee On The Map. Dapz brings the heat lyrically to this track talking about his life and his own presence in the music game. The video to the track dropped this week and the visuals are really on point. Check it out below.

Mic Righteous – Ronnie Pickering

Mic Righteous has been silent for a little while, but we do know he has been quiet for a reason as he has been working on his debut album. He makes a fiery return showing us his passion and ethic is still here. If this is a taster of whats to come on the album, it’s definitely going to be something to look forward to!

Cadell x So Large & Grim Sickers – Cilit Bang

This war dub is crazy from London Grime MC’s Cadell, So Large and Grim Sickers who send for Sheffield Grime crew Scumfam. All three MC’s bring lyrical beef as they go in with some of the hardest bars, all bringing something different to the table. These three should work together more often as you can see they bounce well off each other. Now we will have to wait for Scumfam’s response.


WSTRN came and conquered with their first official single “IN2” and last week brought the visuals to accompany the track which has been all over the airwaves. The feel-good, sunny track has a lot of crossover appeal, with smooth vocals, a catchy hook and sick rapping that gives it the street credibility needed to create an irresistible track. Check out the laced visuals..

DJ Cable ft Mez – One Line Flows

If you’re a Grime fan you would know who Mez is instantly. The Nottingham MC who recently clashed on Lord Of The Mics 7 spits pure fire on DJ Cable’s new track. If you like listening to an MC with pure energy, passion and some humor to go along with it, make sure you check out the video for “One Line Flows”.