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April 22, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @izzieGibbs @donaeo @oppsnextdoor @LethalBizzle @ReekoSqueeze @YellowsUk

Izzie Gibbs ft. Donae’O – Chillin

Dice Recording artist Izzie Gibbs gives us another straight-fire riddim ‘Chillin’ produced by Maniac which features Donae’o on the hook. The track and visuals show how they like to Netflix and Chill with Izzie’s flow fast and manic and his lyrics a bit naughty. Izzie told SBTV, “Maniac blessed me with the fire riddim I knew it was SICK but when I sent it to Donae’O and he sent the chorus back in like 20 mins, that fully gassed me and I banged it out straight away.”

Tizzy Gang – Old School Roadman Jacket

Tizzy Gang’s Tre Mission and Merky Ace release the first visual off of their forthcoming mixtape, ‘Opps Next Door’. The record represents the transatlantic spread of grime with Tre Mission also being hailed as the first international grime emcee. Both emcees lay down greezy lyrics over a sinister beat that is sure to get a wheel up in every grime rave.

Lethal Bizzle ft. Skepta – I Win

 Although there has been a delay with Lethal Bizzle’s album ‘Lennox Rd,’ Bizzle is hitting us with an EP, ‘You’ll Never Make A Million From Grime,’ a title aimed at the haters. He gives us the first visual from the EP that features another grime king, Skepta who also produced the track along with adding a verse and hook. The two heavyweights of course have made a winning track and the video comes complete with some sick cars and bikes.

Reeko Squeeze ft. Donae’o – Beginning

A cold, cold tune track from Reeko Squeeze which features Donae’o who comes in first on the track with the hook which is a rather inspiring one talking about how he’s in it to win it! Reeko then comes in with some his inspirational bars and also mischievous lyrics about women. The visuals show both of them at night with views of London in the background.

Yellows – Cure Remix

North London rapper Yellows takes Fish Go Deep ‘The Cure & The Cause’ track remixing it for his track ‘Cure Remix.’ He talks about road life, stacking money and the video shows him and his girl arguing and her being at home trying to get hold of him and him locking calls off. This is a hard track with a very good remix of a house track that Yellows has absolutely killed. Props.

April 11, 2017

A Conversation With Devlin

A Conversation with Devlin

Devlin is one of the UK’s best lyricists in grime, and not just according to us but also Wiley – the Godfather of Grime – and many other emcees. His new album The Devil In and new Fire In The Booth showcase why he is up there with the best, and once you listen, you can’t deny his lyrical prowess.

Shireen Fenner snagged some of Devlin’s time to speak about the old-school days of grime, staying grounded, taking time away from music and his new album…

Devlin, tell us first of all about what life musically was like for you growing up?

Grime music was always big in Dagenham, but before that I liked the sound of Garage. It was the OT Crew that were the boys I fell in with in the end, they had a big show on Rinse which was a massive platform, and they used to work with Roll Deep and do shows with them. So when I met them I started getting a little audience listening every week and things started building from there.

Where does your music influence stem from? You’ve mentioned So Solid and Roll Deep and Sharky Major – what was it about them that made you want to start writing?

I thought they were good and they captured me. Their lyrics were more complex than the garage stuff I had heard. They were thought out, they were talking about stuff that was going on and that I was seeing as I was growing up. I just wanted to have a go at it myself, and I loved it, stuck at it, and then it started coming through.

I liked the tempo of Garage, but when I heard Grime, the sounds of the beats and the lyrics, I could relate to it a bit more. I liked that dirtier sound.

Back then it was a very pirate mentality and the goals for Grime MC’s was to get on pirate radio…now Grime has gone mainstream, MC’s can think a lot bigger. What’s the difference between your goals back then and now?

Your right, when I landed on Rinse I thought I’d struck gold, I’d listened to people growing up and tape tapes and tape set for years so it was a blessing that I’d made it there. From that where the listeners were growing, we started doing raves, all the older people had been doing raves, but I started doing a few and noticing the fan base growing.

Nowadays it’s been pushed through into the mainstream and there is a lot more opportunity now, back in the day we only had pirate radio. The internet is massive now, you can utilize that to get your videos across and social media is also a massive thing which we never had which helps people network.

As weird as it sounds I never had a massive major plan or goal in my head, I just loved doing what I was doing. I just wanted to be the best that I could be at what I was doing because I enjoyed it, I loved it and that took me on a journey I suppose that I never saw myself doing. I never pictured it like that. My goals are still to just keep making sure my music’s good and people are happy and my fans.

Wiley has dubbed you the ‘greatest Grime MC’ and a lot of other artists also rate you highly – what do you think it is about you that sets you apart and made Wiley give you this title?

I’m blessed that people think that and I take that as a massive compliment, but I can say whatever I’ve done I don’t expect everyone to love it or hate it. I always put my heart and soul into it and I’m my own worst critic when it comes to my lyrics. Maybe that’s something to do with it, I’m very critical about what I do. Passion and wanting to be the best, but if I fall short I fall short, but I’ll come up somewhere half decent.

 photo Devlin_Lead3_zpsziojsrsg.jpg

Working with The Movement crew must have trained you and them lyrically to be the best you can be, was there a lot of competition?

Yea definitely, that firm was all about lyrics. We all had love for each other and a mutual respect. It definitely helped push my lyrics. I always wanted to be the best, everyone was hungry, on the day you had to come fucking good. It was good times back in the day.

From ‘Bud Sweat & Beers’ your debut album to your recent album ‘The Devil In’ talk us through the evolution as Devlin as an artist and as a person…

It all seems like a whirlwind to me. I’ve spent my life writing music and it all seems to have gone so fast. It’s hard to remember half of it. I’ve just grown naturally as I’m getting older. I grew up I suppose in front of everyone’s eyes; I was only very young when I started, so naturally I’ve grown as a human being. I’m just normal, I’m just me, there’s not too much science behind it. I just love music, I try to do my best, and I’m lucky enough that people have gone and brought my albums for some reason, I’m not too sure why.

‘The Devil In’ shows all different sides to you as a person and is a more mature, unapologetic Devlin – can you tell the readers what different sides to you there are and why it’s important to reflect these in the album?

I think there is a little snippet of every side of my personality on there. There’s happy, there’s sad, there’s twisted, there’s angry, there’s loving, there’s caring. That’s what I tried to do with the album. Whenever you’re making songs your trying to capture an emotion and trying to relate to people.

I’d say it’s a mixture of me and my own thoughts and what I feel and other things I’ve seen I put myself in different people’s shoes mentally. I try and be creative.

What are your favourite tracks on the album and why?

‘Blow Your Mind’ I’ve always liked the music on this track, the oldy, feel, it’s got pace in it still, and I like the music and the beats, it’s uptempo.

You seem like a very grounded, down-to earth person still, not really stricken by the fame element, how do you stay like this, it must be hard?

 Sometimes it’s overwhelming, but without those people I’d have nothing really so it doesn’t bother me, I take a picture with anyone. On the flipside it could be worse, I wouldn’t have job if it wasn’t for these people, but yeah sometimes it gets overwhelming. I stay grounded, I don’t care for much, I love my family I love my friends, I love making music and I’m lucky enough to do it. I don’t let nothing else bother me.

It’s been 4 years since your last album release and you took a year out of music – why the decision to take a break?

I’ve just made music since I was so young, I was stressed, and I was trying hard to write. My second album didn’t go as well as my first one, that probably pissed me off a little bit. I suppose I’ve got my own life, I’ve got my own stuff going on in my own life I needed to sort out. I came back with a fresh head. I had to go and be a young man for a couple of years. When you’ve made music from a young age with a camera always in your face, I just needed to go and be a young man and get that out my system and come back with a fresher head and a bit more grown up.

Explain what is The Devil In Devlin is?

There’s every different side to me on the album and that’s what makes me; love, joy, hate, it’s almost like conflicted emotions. That’s the man behind the music.

March 6, 2017

Pixies Track Of The Week @JHus @bigdabbla @MRGOLDIE @LoickEssien @JusRival

J Hus – Did You See

J Hus brings a feel-good vibe to his new track ‘Did You See’ in his signature style over a JAE5 production. This brand new track will be on on his forthcoming debut album out later this year on Black Butter Records.


Dabbla – Arcane

UK Hip-Hop artist Dabbla has unleashed a visual from his project with DJ Frosty ‘Chapsville.’ He brings us quite a dark and sinister video for ‘Arcane’ matching the theme of the track which is produced by Elliot Yorke.

Goldie – I Adore You

Bit of Drum & Bass here courtesy of the legendary Goldie. This is his first single taken from his forthcoming album ‘The Journey Man’, out June 16th and comes complete with a heartwarming video.

Loick Essien – Foolish

Loick Essien is one of the best UK R&B singers, and this track will help you understand why. Taken from his ‘Terminal 5’ mixtape which dropped in Sep 2016, we now get the video to match which sees him with a special lady.

Rival – State Of Rivz

Rival continues his BISC series, this week giving us ‘State Of Rivz.’ The series is a free track every week inspired by a biscuit, this week it’s the Iced Gem. It’s an inspirational, motivational track. Click play below and have a listen.


March 1, 2017

The Sounds Of UK Rap @SKEAMEROJB @SkoreBeezy @YoungAdz1 @BellySquad @pakmanonline @Suspect_OTB @YoungsTeflon @nines1ace

Skeamer x Skore Beezy – Better Place

Skeamer and Skore Beezy take it to the streets of Clapham Junction, their respective hometowns, for ‘Better Place’ – a song dedicated to their friends lost to the roads. The mellow beat allows the two artists to open up and pay homage with Skeamer coming in first, “This shit gets deeper, Veli on my t-shirt, banging through my speaker.” It’s a deep, reflective track, but also one that looks to the future hoping for themselves and people around them to lead a better life, doing it for the friends they have lost. Skore Beezy raps, “Tryna do this shit for my dawg, get him a better place.” It’s emotional and it’s real.


Young Adz ft Dirtbike LB, Gabos, 9Goddy, K Trap & Abra Cadabra – Free Gutta Part II

It’s been 7 months since we heard the ‘3 Gutta Remix’ from South London artist Young Adz which featured Dirtbike, LB, Gabos, 9 Goddy and Domez, and now the ‘Free Gutta Part II’ has been released with two additional rappers K Trap and Abra Cadabra. They take it to the hood again for the dark visuals matched with menacing bars over an ominous, trap beat. Young Adz flows on his verse, “Kidnap kidnap, kidnap crew, don’t know about you but me and LB made the news,” whilst still handling the hook which the track ends on. It’s still one for the streets no doubt, with all the rappers trading cold bars.


Belly Squad – Like That

Belly Squad are the London trio from East and South London that are mixing UK rap with Afrobeat melodies so well that they are due to make a huge impact this year. Their raw sound can be found on their brand new track ‘Like That.’ It’s infectious and showcases their African and Caribbean heritage. The production has irresistible production along with catchy lyrics that inherit their London hometowns, “I told her don’t worry I’m a nice guy, chilling in the ends chicks wave when I pass by, yea she heard that I’m a fly guy, hitters in the Germans beep beep when they drive by.” ‘Like That’ can be found also on Belly Squad’s recently released ‘Banana’ E.P.


Pakman – Verified

Pakman has been going in hard this year with a few releases already under his belt in 2017. The video opens up on a shot of him walking through Hillside Garden Park in South West London, his hometown, to getting in a Mercedes showing a juxtaposition of his life which is also portrayed through his lyrics. “It’s deeper than rap, it’s real life. I’m the same little yout you saw in Hillside, difference is now I blow a bag when I feel like, so I ain’t signing shit unless the deals right.” His flow is laid-back but his delivery is strong as he spits real-life bars over a melancholy beat produced by 5ive Beatz.


Suspect & Youngs Teflon – WDYK

Two of South London’s hardest UK rap artists Suspect & Youngs Teflon unite for ‘WDYK’ an abbreviation for ‘What Do You Know.’ The two bring their coldest bars over a trap-heavy beat for a street banger. Suspect handles the catchy hook with ease and also comes in for the first verse, “Only the realest with us, these n****s they talk, but none of these n***s are stuff, might bring out the chalk, line these n****s all up.” Tefs comes in next, “What do they mean, we going gold in 2017, now I got dirty money and clean, it was all a dream, now it’s as real as the fiends.” Both their lyrics are flamboyant, which match the clean video complete with icy watches and cars. Suspect has also dropped his mixtape ‘Loading’ with features from Giggs, Gunna Dee and more.


Congratulation to Nines on the release of his album ‘One Foot Out’ which landed at No.4 on the national album charts in the UK with a reported 1.5 millions streams in 24 hours on Spotify and Apple Music. Nines also revealed in a vlog that he has a joint album on the way with Ice City Boyz comrade Skrapz which fans will definitely be excited about! Apparently it’s already been recorded, so we can expect that soon.

February 26, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @stefflondon @Skepta @officialdpower @bignarstie @BigTobzsf

Stefflon Don – 16 Shots

Stefflon Don drops another visual off her recently released highly-rated mixtape ‘Real Ting’. She heads to Jamaica to save her mother in the video self-directed by the Don herself alongside Luke Biggins. ’16 Shots’ showcases her Jamaican roots with a dancehall-style beat and patois tinged lyrics.

Skepta – No Security 

Skepta dropped this track last year on Halloween and now we get the slick new video to match the greazy track along with a brand new verse too. Skepta fires shots at his enemies whilst taking on different outfit changes and different visual shots going between him and his crew dancing in a room with plaques on the wall, Skeppy on a table with men clad in suits and much more. Check it out for yourself.

D Power ft. Footsie – Shelly

D Power and Footsie, two Grime scene veterans join for a track trading bars about being two of the scenes top spitters. D Power says, “‘Shelly’ is about having the hardest lyrics and being able to last ANY clash, but also having bars that can buss up a club! That’s our aim for this track right here.” Produced also by Footsie, the two take to derelict settings for the video which you can watch below.

Big Narstie – They Don’t Know ft. Xaviour

Brixton emcee Big Narstie shows off his softer side on his brand new single ‘They Don’t Know’ ft. Xaviour taken from his forthcoming album release this Summer. Grime’s unofficial king of comedy shows he really can get deep and bear his soul to us, which is different to the man we normally see also demonstrating his lyrical talent.

Big Tobz ft. Cadet, TE dness, Not3s – Addison Lee Remix

Not3s track ‘Addison Lee’ was so popular that three wicked rappers have decided to come together for a remix, continuing the heat on this track. Big Tobz, Cadet and TE dness join to throw down some fire, mischievous lyrics, mashing up this huge new remix.

February 20, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @CapoLee100 @SIRSPYRO @officalAvelino @thisNAO @TheBugzyMalone @OfficialNolay

Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – Tekkers

Capo Lee and Sir Spyro unleash the second single ‘Tekkers’ from their forthcoming EP ‘Stop Talk’. Spyro provides a bassline, heavy instrumental for Capo Lee to spray down some fire, original bars.

Avelino (feat. Stormzy & Skepta) – Energy

#NoBadEnergy – that’s the mantra to this track and a good one it is. Avelino comes in first staking claim to the track with his lyrical dexterity and trademark flow, with features from Grime heavyweights Stormzy and Skepta. They roll around North London with cameos from Wretch 32 and Big Tobz in a cinema style visual.

NAO – In the Morning

This is my favourite track off Nao’s debut album ‘For All We Know’, and I’m so pleased she accompanied the track with visuals as the shadowy electronics match it perfectly.

Bugzy Malone – Aggy Wid It

Manchester born Bugzy Malons returns to 2017 with a brand new single ‘Aggy Wid It,’ full of aggressive bars, taking shots at people that are copying his style. This is the perfect way for Bugzy to start the year as he means to go on.

NoLay – Dancing With The Devil

NoLay tackles the serious issue of domestic abuse in a relationship for her new track which is lifted from her upcoming LP Release. The lyrics and video are powerful and hard-hitting and shows the seriousness behind it and thinking a partner can change.


February 13, 2017

The Sounds Of UK Rap @Nines1ace @jhus @Santandave1 @A2Artist @ClueOfficial @SeeJay100Music

Nines ft. J Hus – High Roller

North West London rapper Nines who recently has signed a deal with XL Records has just released the track listing for his long-awaited album ‘One Foot Out’, and I couldn’t be happier having been a fan of Nines for years. He dropped the tracklisting on his Instagram, which included some hot features such as Akala, Tiggs Da Author and more.

Before this though Nines unleashed his first visual taken from the album and the first single ‘High Roller’ ft. J Hus. It gives a glimpse into the lives of the artists from where they have come from to where they are now and are headed; from riding behind the wheels of flash cars to estates and fancy flats and dark streets, and getting fitted for suits.

Clue – Game Over

Clue’s work rate is mad and second to none right now, as he keeps dropping video after video. The distinctive-voiced, South London rapper has a message for anyone going up against him this year, it will be ‘Game Over.’ This is another one for the streets and sees him going hard over a sinister beat produced by 5ive & Mazza, fitting his menacing lyrics perfectly, “Don’t watch me watch the man on your shoulder. Keep your name out my mouth like an ulcer.” Clue’s flow is now perfected and he’s ready to take the UK Rap world by charge with his rawness and ability to tell real life stories through his lyrics. His forthcoming E.P ‘Return Of The Ghost’ (out in May) will hopefully catapult him into success which he deserves.

SeeJay100 ft. TE DNESS – Pretty Girls

SeeJay100 has been making quite a name for himself in the UK Rap scene with his run of bangers and working with the likes of highly-rated MC’s such as Cadet, Big Tobz, Bonkaz and Stormzy. Now he joins forces with one of the hottest underground rappers of the moment TE DNESS for ‘Pretty Girls.’ It’s a sharp, infectious track coupled with a catchy hook, with the two rappers spitting their way through about their love for females. This is just the start of 2017 for Seejay100 though as he already has his new single to follow up this track with, and I believe that he will be marking a mark this year.

Dave & J Hus – Samantha

Both these artists are representing the underground scene tremendously right now, and this collaboration proves why they are the UK’s brightest artists about at the moment. ‘Samantha’ shows off Dave’s skills not only as a lyrical don, but also on the keys on this melodic track produced by Jae5. The introduction to the video changes from cups of tea, to books, lights, a church, and to an estate, leaving the aesthesis to contrast yet coincide at the same time. It’s a cocky track from Dave and J Hus, but why shouldn’t it be? Dave raps, “We sent your man to the shop, what do you mean? He ain’t ever made it rain, your man is a fraud, your boyfriend’s living a lie, you’re kind of like Rachel Zane.” He’s definitely mixing gentlemen with gangster.

A2 – Lowest Key

Taken from his ‘More Sleep 2’ EP out on Dec 16, A2 keeps things popping with his brand new visuals to ‘Lowest Key’ taking us on quite a trippy journey as we enter into his world. As you press play you move between a hotel room, a train journey and him walking at night with bright lights ahead. The track itself is mysterious and moody and this is reflected in the dark visuals. The vibe is laid-back and hazy and switches between A2 signing and rapping, “You say you’re into energies and planets, I’m still tryna find a balance, and you think the solar systems got the answers. I can rule the world it ain’t a challenge, trust me baby I can manage.” The lyrics like the video leave us in a kind of meditative, surreal state.

February 6, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @Grimsickers1 @CapoLee100 @SIRSPYRO @DDoubleE7 @DevlinOfficial

Grim Sickers ft. JME – Kane

Grim Sickers has been building the respect of his peers in the game since appearing on LOTM V, and it’s no wonder why as he is hard working and lyrically his bars are effortless and very distinctive. He dropped the video to his new remix to track ‘Kane’ this week which features BBK’s JME and is produced by Swifta Beater. Mike Skinner & Despa have picked up on the track and have signed it to their new label.

Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – Stop Talk

Capo Lee and legendary Grime producer Sir Spyro have come together for a collaborative E.P ‘Stop Talk’ and this is the first video to be released from the project. Capo Lee sprays some heavy duty bars telling certain people to just stop talking and put their words into actions. The full E.P will be out 24th Feb.

D Double E – How I Like It

He’s a legend when it comes to Grime music and last week he not only announced his first headline show at the 02 Islington Academy, but also dropped a brand new single ‘How I Like It.’ It’s got his trademark adlibs along with fresh bars and a clean video.

Devlin ft Maverick Sabre – Blow Your Mind

Devlin unleashes the video for his brand new single featuring the soulful voice of Maverick Sabre. Devlin shows off his magnificent wordplay and double time bars on this track. The track will be on on his forthcoming album ‘The Devil In’ (out Feb 10th).


January 27, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of the Week @stefflondon @officialstogey @theDanDorito @THEREALGHETTS @abznoproblem17 @YoungestJigga67

Stefflon Don – Real Ting Remix ft. Giggs

Stefflon Don reincarnates her ‘Real Ting’ track released last November by releasing a remix and getting UK Rap don Giggs to jump on the track to add extra flavour to the track. Steff adds an extra verse herself too, giving the track a burst of freshness. Plus there is a wicked video self-directed by Steff herself to go with it.

Danny Dorito x Stogey – Lyrical Skengs

E.B Records, a new independent record label has made a great start to the year with their second release dropping this week, only 3 weeks into the year. ‘Lyrical Skengs’ comes from Nottingham artist Danny Dorito and Eastbourne’s Stogey produced by label mates Audio Slugs for a wicked Grime track full of energy and organic flows and bars.

Ghetts ft Shakka – You Know My Ting

Grime legend Ghetts has created another hit track ‘You Know My Ting’ which will be going off in the clubs. Shakka lends his hand to the chorus adding a different element to the track singing about women. Whilst Ghetts spits bout peng tings, swag and more! What a banger..

New Gen – Money Haffi Mek (ft Stefflon Don & Abra Cadabra)

It’s a New Gen thing next. ‘Money Haffi Mek’ has two of the UK’s hottest and newest rappers on the track Stefflon Don and Abra Cadabra who spit hard bars throughout the track over a trap-led beat. It’s catchy, it’s about making money and it’s going to be an underground banger straight away. The New Gen album is out today as well!

Y.SJ (67) – Loose Screw 

67’s Y.SJ drops a more laid-back, slower track to what we’re normally used to from the 67 crew, and it works well. The beat produced by Carns Hill allows the rapper to show off his lyrical skills on his solo debut track. This will be the 3rd song off the forthcoming mixtape #KylieKendall.

January 26, 2017

The Sounds Of UK Rap

Reeko Squeeze ft. Donae’O – Diablo

Reeko Squeeze released his long-awaited visuals for ‘Diablo’ (featuring Donae’O). The collaboration was featured on Reeko’s St8 Authentic mixtape, which was released last July, but now we’re treated to the video. Filmed in what looks like a part of Central London, the two artists connect in a straight up authentic way, with Reeko spraying some hard bars whilst Donae’O brings a catchy hook. Reeko Squeeze’s work rate is impressive, and if he keeps it up there could be big things ahead for him.

C Biz – Fresh Out & The Buzz (Ecstasy)

It was only last week that C Biz was released from prison after being cleared of murder at the Old Baily, and it certainly didn’t take him long to start dropping some fresh tunes – coming back stronger than ever. His first release dropped a day after being released, so it was clear music had been on his mind during his incarceration. ‘Fresh Out’ – produced by Jay Youngs – touches on his life, winning, and addressing the accusations made against him.

The second track released, ‘The Buzz’, comes harder with a vengeful, sinister sounding production, produced again by Jay Youngs and Mazza Beats. C Biz is talking real life issues on this one, with some heavy-duty lyrics. He takes us through his struggle and what’s been going on with his situation in both of these tracks. Listen below.

Tremz – No Fame 2

Tremz kickstarted the year with a follow-up to his summer track, ‘No Fame’, with ‘No Fame 2’. Tremz provides an anthemic, catchy track, especially on the chorus. Tremz talks about his nan kicking him out, ex-girlfriends and more:  Tremz is set to release a lot more music this year, with a project titled Lifestyle Of A Pirate out at the end of February.

Clue x Geko – Cold Outside

Last year, we mentioned rapper Clue quite a bit in this column, and now he’s back with a welcome collaboration with Manchester-born artist Geko for ‘Cold Outside’. The ghostly, sinister production matches the lyrics from the two artists, who gel together well. Geko opens the track with a memorable, Afrobeats style hook: “Nike leather gloves cuz it’s cold outside, something on my face cuz it’s cold outside.” South West London rapper Clue then comes in dropping some straight fire with his deadly, heated lyrics: “Chrome sumthing big toy, did it on my own I’m a big boy, I won’t take no disrespect I’m a big boy, I was outkast feeling like big boy.” It’s definitely one that will bang in the streets.

Blittz – U Know Seh

Walthamstow rapper Blittz also drops his first single of 2017, ‘U Know Seh’, complete with visuals to match. Jayrich is behind the mesmerizing, marching, fast-paced beat that allows Bittz to spit rapidly in a patois style: “U know seh manna just stoosh, u know seh me wicked and bad, u know seh I bill it and smoke,” Blittz spits in for his hook with ‘Wicked & Bad’, referring to a track he released with Big Tobz last year which was an underground banger. His flow and style on this is definitely wicked and bad and shows how Blittz is in a lane of own.