Reeko Squeeze ft. Donae’O – Diablo

Reeko Squeeze released his long-awaited visuals for ‘Diablo’ (featuring Donae’O). The collaboration was featured on Reeko’s St8 Authentic mixtape, which was released last July, but now we’re treated to the video. Filmed in what looks like a part of Central London, the two artists connect in a straight up authentic way, with Reeko spraying some hard bars whilst Donae’O brings a catchy hook. Reeko Squeeze’s work rate is impressive, and if he keeps it up there could be big things ahead for him.

C Biz – Fresh Out & The Buzz (Ecstasy)

It was only last week that C Biz was released from prison after being cleared of murder at the Old Baily, and it certainly didn’t take him long to start dropping some fresh tunes – coming back stronger than ever. His first release dropped a day after being released, so it was clear music had been on his mind during his incarceration. ‘Fresh Out’ – produced by Jay Youngs – touches on his life, winning, and addressing the accusations made against him.

The second track released, ‘The Buzz’, comes harder with a vengeful, sinister sounding production, produced again by Jay Youngs and Mazza Beats. C Biz is talking real life issues on this one, with some heavy-duty lyrics. He takes us through his struggle and what’s been going on with his situation in both of these tracks. Listen below.

Tremz – No Fame 2

Tremz kickstarted the year with a follow-up to his summer track, ‘No Fame’, with ‘No Fame 2’. Tremz provides an anthemic, catchy track, especially on the chorus. Tremz talks about his nan kicking him out, ex-girlfriends and more:  Tremz is set to release a lot more music this year, with a project titled Lifestyle Of A Pirate out at the end of February.

Clue x Geko – Cold Outside

Last year, we mentioned rapper Clue quite a bit in this column, and now he’s back with a welcome collaboration with Manchester-born artist Geko for ‘Cold Outside’. The ghostly, sinister production matches the lyrics from the two artists, who gel together well. Geko opens the track with a memorable, Afrobeats style hook: “Nike leather gloves cuz it’s cold outside, something on my face cuz it’s cold outside.” South West London rapper Clue then comes in dropping some straight fire with his deadly, heated lyrics: “Chrome sumthing big toy, did it on my own I’m a big boy, I won’t take no disrespect I’m a big boy, I was outkast feeling like big boy.” It’s definitely one that will bang in the streets.

Blittz – U Know Seh

Walthamstow rapper Blittz also drops his first single of 2017, ‘U Know Seh’, complete with visuals to match. Jayrich is behind the mesmerizing, marching, fast-paced beat that allows Bittz to spit rapidly in a patois style: “U know seh manna just stoosh, u know seh me wicked and bad, u know seh I bill it and smoke,” Blittz spits in for his hook with ‘Wicked & Bad’, referring to a track he released with Big Tobz last year which was an underground banger. His flow and style on this is definitely wicked and bad and shows how Blittz is in a lane of own.