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February 9, 2012

Jay-Z & Kanye West – Ni**as In Paris

This video is crazy and  was shot doing part of their Watch The Throne Tour.

Watch the video for Ni**as In Paris here 

February 9, 2012

Bigz- Back To The Future

This London-born entrepreneur doesn’t just rap for a living. Bigz has been on the music scene for a long minute and has managed to open his own studio, record label, entertainment company and clothing line Flygerian Ink, of which he said, ‘Flygerian is my life. It’s what I live by. It’s more than a word: it’s a lifestyle; it’s being confident and respecting all Nigerians who came before me. Music is just the start: I’m going to become a fashion icon.’

 Favourite childhood memory?

Getting my first pair of Nike Air Force when I was seven, it was like the ones Michael J Fox was wearing in Back To The Future, but they had aluminous green lights.

 What memory would you bring back from the past to the future?

Music, I think music was better than, like 90s RnB, I’m a soul brother.

What’s was you favourite old skool album

The first album I got was when CD’s first came out, it was Run DMC Raising Hell.

What item would you bring back from the past?

Avia I’m trying to bring them back. They were hard.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

I had a girlfriend in nursery called Kirsty, and that’s the truth. I was exposed to things when I was young that I probably wasn’t supposed to be exposed to. The first kiss was when I was five, tongues and all I was a naughty young kid.

Favourite lesson at school?


 Most embarrassing childhood moment?

There was one time my brother and me were bunking from school this was in secondary school, and my mum found out and she tried to move to my friends, like beat them up. She took us to school for a straight two weeks, and brought us back. She used to shout at us on the bus and embarrass us, she done it on purpose, but advised by my aunty.

Worst childhood telling off?

I wouldn’t even disclose that, but my mum knows what she done to us.  Mum knows…

February 9, 2012

Byron – Don’t Judge A Book

Byron releases the video Dont Judge A Book from his free EP Deep Lyrics/Dirty Beats part 2, which sees the raw but intelligent rapper deliver a song about everyday life and the issues he sees in his surroundings. His mixtape Jack Of None features Ghetts, Emeli Sande and Nine High. Byron is definitely one to watch out for.

Download Deep Lyrics/Dirty Beats part 2 here

Download Jack Of None on iTunes here 

February 9, 2012


Rick Ross releases the video for Yella Dimonds off his Rich Forever mixtape.

Download Rich Forever here