Seyi – Resolution [Free EP]

Resolution is a true masterpiece of music centered around a backbone of R&B which has been synonymous with the US for decades.


Attempting to break that trend and putting his own unique spin on fusing a multitude of genres and sounds from Pop to Dubstep, R&B to Hip-Hop, Seyi hones in on his influences of Usher, Dru Hill, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Luther Vandross and his background as a gospel artist, to produce an EP which could happily sit alongside both the US R&B heavyweights and the UK Pop superstars of today.

Not only is his voice alone something worthy to pay attention to, his ability to story tell is captivating, exemplified in ‘She will Never Know’ and mastering an immaculate example of word play in ‘Instrumental’.

 ‘How Do You Feel’ featuring super talented rapper Chief Wakil from the US has an upbeat tempo with Hip-Hop tones that show yet another layer of this multi-faceted artist

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