Kano (@TheRealKano) ‘Home Sweet Home’ album is 10 Years Old This Year: I Name My Top Tracks

2015 (Summer) is the year that marks the 10th anniversary of Kano’s debut album ‘Home Sweet Home’, one of the most influential albums in the UK Grime scene. I have decided to dedicate a blog to this album and my favourite tracks from the album and why…lets go back in time and remember one of the greatest albums in Grime. It was so hard to pick my top tracks but I had to be strict with myself and get it down to 7!

Big up Kano one of the best MC’s to touch the mic and don’t forget you can catch him at Fabric on January 17th for the 5th Butterz anniversary.

P’s & Q’s

The first one has to be P’s & Q’s which is still on an old skool mixed CD in my car and whenever it gets played is turned up loud. This is just a classic, catchy one that I think most people know, Grime fan or not.

Nite Nite

Another classic one. When Kano and The Streets hooked up for ‘Nite Nite’ the outcome was pretty magical. This one got the girls wanting to play the girl in the video and hooked on Kano’s deeper side and the boys looking for that chick.

Ghetto Kid

A grimy banger with Kano just being the raw, real Kano, there was no white wash to this song and this is simply why it’s in my top 5. Plus it features Ghetts on it.

Mic Check

‘Mic Check’ is a war riddim apart from the fact he’s not sending for anyone in particular, he is just stating that no one can fuck with him and his crew.

Reload It

Sick flow and lyrics on this tune “I get a reload purely for the flow”, calling out some MC’s such as Tinchy and Hyper when on the hook when he says they get no reloads. This tune is what the essence of Grime is on one track.


This shows the reflective and down to earth Kane Robinson. The man behind the music and the man who questioned why it was him that made it.. ..Well Kano I’m sure there’s a few of us that can answer that!

 Nobody Don’t Dance No More

This tune hit the raves and was basically telling everyone to stop being stoosh standing on the edge of the dancefloors and just get up and have a good time! It definitely did as the rhythm got everyone moving and still does to this day when it comes on.


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