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July 29, 2014

Lovebox Festival Saturday 2014 [Review]

Lovebox returned to Victoria Park in East London again this year over the Friday 18th and 19th July 2014. SBTV‘s Shireen headed down there on the Saturday, with the sun beating down on us despite the rainy forecast…


First up we caught some of Supa Dupa Fly action over at the Roller Boogie stage where they were banging out some old school hip hop beats courtesy of Emily Rawson, CJ Beatz and more, with a similar vibe to that of their nights held at the Jazz Café in Camden.

Heading straight over to the main stage, we caught the British soul & funk legends that are Soul II Soul , who many know for their smash Back To Life. Their music filtered through the crowd, with a nice mellow and relaxed vibe, perfect for the summer, Saturday, afternoon.

Maverick Sabre was next up on the main stage, leading on perfectly with his soulful, jazzy and reggae influences, he kept the crowds ambiance on the same level, lifting it slowly as his set moved on playing tracks from his album, Lonely Are The Brave. Similarly, I Needgot everyone in the crowd singing loudly – as did his latest single, Emotion.


Then, it was time for Nas, a crowd of people begun walking up, and what seemed like a reasonably spacious main stage was now packed. Joined by DJ Green Lantern, the Queensbridge legend took to the stage to perform tracks from his seminal debut, Illmatic, celebrating 20 years since the release. Tracks such as Got Yourself A Gungot everyone buzzing and raising their gun fingers.

Other tracks that seemed to please were One LoveIf I Ruled The World, N.Y State Of Mind and Made You Look. Nas had turned the energy levels to 100.  He proved why he is one of the best hip hop artists working the stage and fans with complete effortlessness.

Next up was MIA who blast onto the stage which was now filled with lights and around 20 dancers who threw glow sticks into the audiences to their delight. She started straight intoBucky Done Gun, but unfortunately this was the beginning of the audio issues as she asked for her Mic to be turned up.


Unfortunately the Mic cut out completely and her and her dancers walked off stage leaving MIA looking not very pleased. She came back on stage to the audience’s gladness, but the sound quality was still poor as she performed Paper Planes and Bad Girls leaving again because of the audio. It was a disappointment as we, along with I’m sure many others in attendance, were similarly looking forward to the performance.

May 23, 2012

Nas Talks About His Top 25 Albums

Complex decided to ask Nas what his top 25 all time albums were. With his own debut album llmatic, released in 1994 being picked as one of the greatest hip hop albums, and his new album Life Is Good due to be released, Complex wanted to know albums he would put in the top of his list.

Nas named Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear and MC Shan’s Down By Law. Naming Jay Z’s Reasonable Doubt as one of his top picks he also explained that as Hov was about to release his debut album, he could tell he was akin to Notorious B.I.G and himself, and he was sticking around.

“I seen this kid Jay, I already knew he was nice. I’m watching him come into the game and he delivered a lyrical album, a street album, and he grabbed his spot,” he recalled. “A lot of people couldn’t do that. A lot of people that were putting out albums around the time Reasonable Doubt dropped are no longer around. He staked his claim. He showed everyone he was nice with his lyrics, he was nice with it. He came in the tradition of the New York streets, the way I did, the way Biggie did. He came in that way and he’s been holding it down ever since. If you listen to Reasonable Doubt, he made it happen.”

He also spoke on Boogie Down Productions 1987 debut Criminal Minded and KRS One

“The artists today are spoiled and they want to go from nobody to the best who ever did it. It’s foolishness,” he explained. “Criminal Minded, KRS-One was the streets coming after the empire of rap, the Juice Crew, without the major backing that the Juice Crew had. You know this takes a lot for me to say [that] because The Juice Crew was founded in my projects, but I gotta keep it real and give credit where credit is due. When KRS-One made the classic Criminal Minded—he didn’t need Warner Brothers, he didn’t need MCA records. He did it with an independent label. That’s why I say people show study him because here you are coming out with a classic album on an independent label, so did MC Shan. Cold Chillin’ was not a major label when Shan put out Down By Law. Artists today don’t see that entrepreneurship, they don’t live it. They claim to be the streets yet they’re looking for superstar record deals.”