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May 4, 2012

Michael Jackson To Appear In Pepsi Ad & The Re Release Of Bad

Michael Jackson is set to appear in a Pepsi advert as the late singer’s estate have made a huge deal with the soft drinks company. The promotion will feature some of his iconic dance poses. As well as the advert the singer silhouette is also expected to appear on one billion cans for a global campaign.

The cans of Michael Jackson Pepsi are part of their ‘Live For Now‘ campaign using pop culture to boost sales.

Nicki Minaj is also expected to appear in an advert as part of the campaign for Pepsi who are ranked as No.3 in the States for carbonated drinks.

Michael Jackson worked with Pepsi firstly back in 1983 appearing alongside the Jackson 5 in their first Pepsi campaign. In 1984 whilst shooting a commercial for the brand again in Los Angeles, his hair caught fire, burning his scalp, and leaving him with second degree burns. This incident was blamed for MJ’s addiction to painkillers.

Along with the commercial and campaign to put MJ on Pepsi cans, sees the 25th anniversary of the release of the album Bad. Pepsi, the Jackson Estate and Sony will be teaming up to releases mixes of tracks from the Bad album. It is rumoured that Skrillex and Diplo will be working on the remixes. The executors of Jackson’s estate said of the deal: “We are thrilled to bring Michael and Pepsi back together, as they were in 1988, to celebrate the 25th aniversary of the ‘Bad’ album and tour, and to put Michael on one billion Pepsi cans.”

March 6, 2012

Michael Jackson’s Entire Back Catalogue Stolen By Hackers

Sony music have confirmed that hackers have stolen more than 50,000 music files from them including Michael Jackson’s entire back catalogue and unreleased material from the late King of Pop. After just over a year of Sony paying £250million for the seven-year rights to the songs following Jacko’s death.

It is the biggest cyber attack on a music company with the stolen songs worth £160million. The theft happened in April last year when hackers attacked Sony’s PlayStation Network and stole the personal data of 77 million registered users. The exact illegally downloaded songs are not known yet, but contain Michael’s entire back catalogue including unheard duets with Black Eyed Peas and the late Queen singer Freddie Mercury.