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October 13, 2014

Zed Bias (@Zed_Bias) feat. Stylo G (@StyloG) and Scrufizzer (@SCRUFIZZER) – Shizam [Music Video]

Zed Bias has come up with a brand new clever track mixing grime with dancehall for Shizam with Scrufizzer on MC duties and Stylo G giving it that extra flavour. The rhythm is rather skatty and it’s definitely going in a new direction which is something that has to be praised.


February 9, 2014

Cashtastic (@cashtasticmusic) ft. Stylo G (@Stylog) – “In The Party” (Remix) (Music Video)

Cashtastic‘s Alarm Clock EP is released today on iTunes and he got Stylo G to join him for the official remix of In The Party, a cut taken from the project to give it some dancehall vibes.


November 24, 2012

J-Sol feat. Stylo G – Treat Her Like A Lady

Fresh out of The Brit School and following in the footsteps of alumni such as Jessie J and Rizzle Kicks, 19 year old singer, song-writer J-Sol announces his new single for 2013, Treat Her Like A Lady featuring UK dancehall artist Stylo G

November 13, 2012


It was the biggest music battle to hit London this year and only one sound system could win. The rules were simple; four rounds which are 15 minutes long, you have to save the special guests and the dubs until the last round, you can’t play a tune that’s been played already and the winner is crowned from the decibel reading at the end…

Even though the rules were simple, Major Lazer played as if the rules were there to be broken, playing dubs and bringing out special guests before the end round. Round one kicked off with Channel One bringing roots and culture to the clash, moving on to Annie Mac who kicked off with tunes like ‘Clique’ and ‘212’.

Major Lazer played a Bruno Mars dub on the first round and then dropped their hit ‘Pon De Floor’, starting the first round off with electricity. Diplo also got into a massive blow up see-through ball and tumbled across the crowd in it.

Boy Better Know’s first round was so hyped; playing the biggest and best bass instrumentals from Pay As You Cartel’s ‘Know We’, Faze Miyake’s ‘Take Off’ and Breakage’s ‘Hard’. Just from the first round alone, I thought it was going to be Annie Mac or BBK who was going to win.

The second round is where it got tense, with Major Lazer playing more dubs and also bringing out Stylo G. BBK weren’t happy, as Skepta said: ‘You’re not meant to bring out special guests till the end, Major Lazor better turn their lazors off!”

Wiley’s hits ‘Heatwave’ and ‘Can You Hear Me’ were played in round two and the man himself also jumped into the crowd, giving fans a special surprise. P Money also MC’d over some dubstep on Annie Mac’s set. BBK got more upset on round three, with JME warning his competitors, saying ‘I’m gonna slap someone!’ Channel One also stepped in saying, ‘Major Lazer don’t disrespect, have some respect for the artist dem.’ Round three was called ‘Sleeping With The Enemy’, which meant they all had to play the sounds of an opponent’s sound system.

Round four was the time to get serious, where contestants brought the disses, the dubs and the guests. Major Lazer brought out impressive guests Rita Ora and Usher, which saw Rita have a wardrobe malfunction and revealing a boob! Usher performed ‘Climax’ with Diplo remixing it to a reggae version.

Annie Mac presented us with remarkable guests, including Maverick SabreKaty BMs Dynamite and Example. BBK got came with a Giggs dubplate, also bringing out their guests Lethal B and Chip.

BBK were crowned as the winners, but I think Major Lazer’s screams were bigger and Annie Mac played more of a variety – but you can’t win when rules are broken so they had to go home empty handed. Congratulations to BBK who played fair and came with wicked tunes and entertainment.

October 25, 2012

Young Don ft Stylo G,Ard Adz n Shallow – Bad ( Wicked ) [Audio]

Young Don gives us a track for the clubs Bad (Wicked) features Stylo G, Ard Adz and Sho Shallow and is produced by Rowntree.