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July 17, 2012

MTV Wrap Up – The UK Rap Rundown

Wow! It’s been a busy week in the world of UK rap and although I haven’t been to any shows this week, I have heard many stand-out tracks. There are also a few mixtapes and one very big album to look forward to in the coming months. Can you guess who I’m talking about?

A few days before Azealia Banks dropped her ‘Fantasea’ mixtape, we were given a taster of what was to come with ‘Neptune’, featuring London MC Shystie. Shystie was only one of two featured artists on the 19 track mixtape, the other artist being Styles P. Last Monday the south London hip-hop collective Caxton Press released the video to ‘Big Buck Star’ from their debut LP ‘Shame The Devil’ which is out now. Another collective from London, Piff Gang, also released their third 11-track mixtape called ‘Plant Life’. This will be the first of three projects we will see from them in the coming months, so watch this space.

The USG boys have been busy as we saw three tracks released from them last week. The first was K. Koke’s ‘Roc For Life’, featuring MMG’s Wale. I loved the rocky beat on this track and the video was a perfect match. K. Koke tweeted as it premiered, writing: “This ain’t no music video. It’s my journey from streets up!”

Next up was Exo who released the video ‘Way Back Home’ featuring singer Tom Prior – again this had a rocky beat and shows a very different side to Exo. Youngest member Geko slowed it down for ‘Best Friend’ as he reaches out to his old friend. Look out for K. Koke’s album ‘I Ain’t Perfect’ and Exo’s 7 track EP ‘The 7 Day Mile’ due in October.

Ard Adz and Sho Shallow jumped on Sneakbo’s ‘Still Breathing’ to give us a banging remix of the track, complete with a video. These two have been putting in a lot of work this year, so we should be expecting big things from them. G FrSH was joined by Yungen and Cashtastic for ‘Grown A** Boy’; giving us a taster of what is to come from his upcoming ‘Legoman II’ mixtape.

Lastly The Jump Off team recently had a debate, asking: ‘Should Grime Artists Make UK Rap?’ LaLa asked the question ‘If he keeps doing grime, is he not allowed to ever, ever experiment?’

Some of the team thought it was okay to make a few one-off tracks out of their genre, but came to the conclusion that their fans would be upset if they were to completely cross over. However, examples of artists that have crossed over successfully such as Chip and Tinie Tempah show that it is more than possible to start off as a grime artist and move to rap.