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February 13, 2012

Mz Bratt – Back To The Future

After several years in the underground scene, MC and grime’s eye candy Mz Bratt is finally getting the recognition she deserves. From touring with Bruno Mars to being signed to Atlantic Records and deemed by industry heads as ‘the UK’s answer to Nicki Minaj,’ 2011 was a good year. Not only an MC, Mz Bratt (real name Cleopatra Humprey) is a singer, an actor (Anuvahood), the female face for Boxfresh Clothing, and part of Wiley’s A-List Collective. She has been busy lately touring with Europe with Tinie Tempah and Pastry girls Vanessa Simmons and Jessica Jarrell.

Following her recent single ‘Tear It Down,’ we head all the way back to the past for a hot minute with the East Londoner.

Favourite Childhood memory?

It would have to be when I went to Italy with my dad, I was six I think. He went out raving and left me and my sister on our own, but it was fun.

Favourite childhood film?

The Goonies and The Lion King

Favourite food from when you were a child?

Alphabet spaghetti

Favourite old skool album?

Spice Girls, when I was little I used to love the Spice Girls. But now it wouldn’t be the Spice Girls (laughs).

What memory would you take from the past and bring to the future?

I’m happy with my present at the moment. I think it’s nice to look back though

What item would you bring back?

I don’t now what’s it called but I used to have this microphone that used to echo, and I used to sing around with my little keyboard.

How old were you when you had your first kiss?

Ooh, on the lips? I was late with this stuff, all my friends were advanced but I was late. Probably secondary school Year 10 I think.

What is your most embarrassing childhood moment?

When I got stuck in a box, and my mum took a picture, and now when people come in my house they can see a picture of me stuck in a box.

Worst childhood telling off?

First and only time I got smacked by my mum, I got in a stranger’s car, I was like 3 or 4. I didn’t know what I was doing, and she went mad.

Favourite lesson at school

English, I loved English

Favourite old skool tune?

Because it’s sunny today, Roy Ayers, Everybody Loves The Sunshine.