Azealia Banks v Jim Jones

Harlem artists Jim Jones and Azealia Banks have been having some Twitter beef. Azealia who is known for never biting her tongue and her beef with various females in the game, has now released a diss track towards Jim Jones. Jones has been using the term ‘Vampire Life’ for mixtapes, his clothing line, his crew and hectic schedule. Whilst Azealia Banks has taken to using the term ‘Vamp’ to describe her girl friends in a seductress way. Jim Jones wasn’t happy with her after she tried taking the credit of the phrase ‘Vamp’ or ‘Vampire Life’, and in true Azealia fashion she took it too far…

@Azealia Banks tweeted: “AMP: a very sexually/financially powerful woman who is usually characterized by a penchant for dark things; nighttime, witchcraft, .. Etc.,” in reference to something she was workign on.

Jones responded to a tweet by by @Rahim_TheDream and wrote: “@AZEALIABANKS tht vamplife is contagious.” This caused the two to go at it for some time.

Azealia responded: @jimjonescapo: yea I know! I wrote 212 in 2011 before ur song tho. That vamp sh– is some fashion stuff as well. In case u didn’t know.”\

Jim Jones: @AZEALIABANKS u better check th credits boo we ain’t just start vampin we are vampin u r welcome to join it’s a lifestyle #vampirelife”.

Azealia Banks: @jimjonescapo don’t be tryna take no credit Holmes.”

Jim Jones: “Knock it off please learn more about Harlem before u start vampin lol jokes enjoy ur day keep #vampin”.

Azealia Banks: “UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH SHHHUTT UP!!! Who was even talking to you in the first place?! like seriously…. Stop being such a Harlem n—- right now.”

Jim Jones: “I am a Harlem n—- thts y u dont belong there stay in Cali wit ur fake booooogie asss make sum $ first Lrn ur shoes n bags. Tell ur mother go away ub2 bit slore.”

Now she has released a diss track entitled Succubi. I think he has now heard the diss track or talks of it because he left some subliminal tweets aimed at her.



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