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November 23, 2012

K Koke Shows His Intentions Towards Dappy

Dappy has always shown his admiration towards K Koke bigging him up in songs like Tarzan, “The only mixtape I believe is K-Koke”, and from an outsiders perspective it looked like a possibility that the two might collaborate.

Dappy tweeted last night that he had just come off the phone to Roc Nation’s K Koke…

“Just come off the phone to @KokeUSG He had a bone to pick with me!!! Don’t worry we will make a Monsta together #BadIntentions out Now”.

Koke was obviously not happy with Dappy and tweeted him back


Daps then asked him to holla when he was ready but clearly didn’t read the hastag above saying he wouldn’t holla…..




October 1, 2012

Starboy Nathan Explains Going On X-Factor [News]

A lot of people were shocked when they saw Starboy Nathan hit their screens on X Factor. The views were mixed as many took to Twitter and even got the subject trending, some people having respect for him for doing and others having a lot of bad things to say.

Last night a lot of people tuned in to see who would be exiting the show, and Starboy Nathan was of them. He immediately took to Twitter to post a video explaining the reason why he went on X Factor in the first place, answering a lot of peoples questions of his motive.

August 14, 2012

Clement Marfo Leaks Five Songs From Forthcoming Album

Clement Marfo is very unhappy with his label Warner and has told all his followers on Twitter. It started off about an hour ago with him saying.

“I started this whole thing simply for the love of music! My escape, my way of expressing my emotions, my way of relating a story with others”

“I once remember the love & excitement of creating original music – where there was no briefs or someone telling you to make a song like this”

“There’s alot of manufactured girl/boy bands out there engineered by label execs & I can promise you this Clement Marfo & The Frontline isn’t”

Then he went on to tell his fans that the delay of the album is not his or the Frontline’s fault, but Warner.

“Most of these songs you hear now were written in 2009, before we got signed to a major label! Where the love for our music became poisoned”

“Apparently, we are not connecting with our audience…. what does that even mean? The label are so quick to come up with fucking excuses”

“I was told this album will be released Autumn/Winter and still there is no release date! It’s bloody August for goodness sake @warnermusic

“Do you know how many talented artists we lose every year due to the label changing up the style they were interested in, in the 1st place…”

And then he decided to make a brilliant decision and stand up against his label Warner Music leaking 5 tracks titled World War III. Brilliant!

“.and with this I have made my OWN decision! My fans want to hear songs from the album and so they will! #fuckthelabel 

Download Clement Marfo + The Frontline 5 leaked album tracks here 

August 12, 2012

Azealia Banks v Jim Jones

Harlem artists Jim Jones and Azealia Banks have been having some Twitter beef. Azealia who is known for never biting her tongue and her beef with various females in the game, has now released a diss track towards Jim Jones. Jones has been using the term ‘Vampire Life’ for mixtapes, his clothing line, his crew and hectic schedule. Whilst Azealia Banks has taken to using the term ‘Vamp’ to describe her girl friends in a seductress way. Jim Jones wasn’t happy with her after she tried taking the credit of the phrase ‘Vamp’ or ‘Vampire Life’, and in true Azealia fashion she took it too far…

@Azealia Banks tweeted: “AMP: a very sexually/financially powerful woman who is usually characterized by a penchant for dark things; nighttime, witchcraft, .. Etc.,” in reference to something she was workign on.

Jones responded to a tweet by by @Rahim_TheDream and wrote: “@AZEALIABANKS tht vamplife is contagious.” This caused the two to go at it for some time.

Azealia responded: @jimjonescapo: yea I know! I wrote 212 in 2011 before ur song tho. That vamp sh– is some fashion stuff as well. In case u didn’t know.”\

Jim Jones: @AZEALIABANKS u better check th credits boo we ain’t just start vampin we are vampin u r welcome to join it’s a lifestyle #vampirelife”.

Azealia Banks: @jimjonescapo don’t be tryna take no credit Holmes.”

Jim Jones: “Knock it off please learn more about Harlem before u start vampin lol jokes enjoy ur day keep #vampin”.

Azealia Banks: “UUUUUGGGGGGHHHH SHHHUTT UP!!! Who was even talking to you in the first place?! like seriously…. Stop being such a Harlem n—- right now.”

Jim Jones: “I am a Harlem n—- thts y u dont belong there stay in Cali wit ur fake booooogie asss make sum $ first Lrn ur shoes n bags. Tell ur mother go away ub2 bit slore.”

Now she has released a diss track entitled Succubi. I think he has now heard the diss track or talks of it because he left some subliminal tweets aimed at her.



May 29, 2012

Chris Brown, Meek Mill & Drake Diss Rihanna On Twitter

Over the weekend just gone, the three American music artists who have all dated Rihanna started a little twitter beef over her. Instead of defending her honour though, they dissed her too. It started off with Chris Brown, who after finding out Meek Mill had been up to no good with his ex, removed him from his song Don’t Judge Me. Meek Mill then tweeted this…

Chris Brown quickly tweeted this back

Referring to Dreamchasers 2 mixtape Meek Mill tweeted back

Drake having been with Rihanna too felt he had to jump in.

With Chris Brown responding simply LOL… Drake then tweeted again…

Chris Brown ended the twitter conversation by making a joke…

This is not good news for Rihanna as she is being classed as a girl who gets passed around easily. Chris Brown could have had Rihanna back, but choose his new girlfriend over her, Meek Mill has denied dating Rihanna, but replied to Breezy that  she let ‘him watch the throne,’ and she is communal property. Drake who always seemed to be close to her, refers to her as   ‘our ho.’

May 14, 2012

Ace & Vis speak to Jammer and Snakey Man about the beef

Ace & Vis speak to Jammer and Snakeyman on the phone live on 1Xtra about their beef, which started off on twitter as banter about Snakeyman’s card being declined, which then led to Jammer saying Snakeyman’s name on a track, in which Snakeyman put out the Bring Home the Bacon track.