Kevin Hart (@KevinHart4Real) & Friends @ Wembley SSE (Hartbeat Weekend) [Review]

I ventured down to Wembley’s SSE Arena on Sunday to watch the magnificent American comedian Kevin Hart who was joined by some of his friends for the Hartbeat Weekend.


Let me explain briefly who Kevin Hart is for some of you that don’t know. Well he is a pretty big deal especially in the States and is now here too as the SSE was packed to the brim with fans and celebrities. He is not only a successful comedian but an actor too, appearing in ‘Little Fockers’, ‘Soul Plane’, ‘Paper Soldiers’ and more.

Out of Philadelphia like some of his comedy inspirations such as Dave Chappelle and Eddie Murphy, Harts’ stand up comedy is really worth watching as he talks about his life experiences and insecurities making it relevant to the listener also.

Harts’ friends included Hackney bred Kojo who was the only Brit on the bill, but for me was the best as I think everyone in the crowd understood his dry humor and it was literally non-stop laughs throughout. Rodney Perry was my second favourite one as he also drew on life experiences in particular his age and family. Deon Cole also had quite a dry humor, entering the stage dressed sort of cow-boy looking with a list of things of jokes he had to complete, ticking them off as he went along. The headliner was Donnell Rawlings from New York who also had people in stitches and brought a different energy to Wembley.

All in all every act brought something different to their performance, and no one was similar to the other, making it an absolutely fantastic night of comedy to remember.

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