Ceviche [Food Review]

Ceviche describes fish cooked by citrus, which Peruvians are said to have first started, but this restaurant also has much more to offer with delicious salads and cooked meats too. Grilled dishes are also very big in South America, and the menu here at Ceviche caters to everyone, so you don’t have to be a seafood lover to come and dine here.

We headed to the Soho restaurant located in Frith Street, and decided to not eat Ceviche dishes this time around, but instead choose 5 dishes from the rest of the menu that took our fancy.  The dishes do come at random times, but pretty much all close together, so you can get started on one or two whilst you wait for the others.


From the nibbles we chose Pork Chifa Tequenos a oriental influenced dish of pork wonton fritters with chifa spices, amarillo chilli and coriander with a rocoto chilli dip. These are a great starting dish and are delicious too. It’s a great way to get you in the mood for the rest of the delightful dishes.

We then ordered 3 dishes from the classic menu. Jalea Steamed Buns consist of deep fried seabass in fresh steamed buns served with a delicious salsa and amarillo chilli sour cream that come in a pair and are best eaten by hand. The fish is flaky and soft under the perfectly fried and crispy coating, and the salsa and sour cream adds a tasty finish.


Chicken was also needed today so we chose the Pollo en Brasa, chicken thigh marinated in coriander and panca chilli served on kale, sweet potato, pisco cranberry with a rocoto vinaigrette. The chicken was succulent and was definitely more than enough for two people. The vegetables that came with the dish went very well with the chicken too and added a freshness.

Opting for a vegetarian dish next we chose the Choclo Corn Cake with Avocado which is a corn and feta cheese cake that’s served with salsa, avocado and Huancaína sauce. It was lovely to eat on it’s own, but also went well with the chicken dish. It was light, fluffy and slightly creamy.


We also added a side of Mini Arroz Chaufa aka egg fried rice, Peruvian style! Egg fried rice is the perfect side to most meat dishes on this menu or the grilled seafood ones too.

This is a great restaurant to head to if you want a taste of something different.

Where To Find:

Soho – 17 Frith Street, London, W1D 4RG  Old St – 2 Baldwin Street, London, EC1V 9NU



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