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June 20, 2012


I’m a bit late on this diss track, but you have to forgive me I’ve been in Spain for a week and a lot of people were telling me about this track as soon as I got back today.

Westwood really shouldn’t have dissed Mic Righteous, the UK rapper goes in hard on this diss track.

Check out the post I wrote when Westwood dissed Mic Righteous first

Righteous anger? Big Dawg Westwood lays into the Mic

May 28, 2012

No Malice Defends His Brother Pusha T

Pusha T released Exodus 23:1 last week, not naming who the track was aimed towards, but was presumed to be towards Drake and Young Money. Young Money’s CEO Lil Wayne responded with a tweet “Fuk pusha t and anybody that love em”on May 24th, and then on the 26th Funkmaster Flex debuted Weezy’s response, Goulis, where unlike Pusha T, Weezy named names on the track. Drake then performed on Friday night (26th May) on his Club Paradise tour in Washington saying, If you was doin’ 16s when I was 16, and your shit flopped and you switched teams, don’t talk to me, my nigga…”

In the meantime Weezy tweeted…

With Pusha T’s manager tweeting him back…

Clipse member and Pusha T’s older brother No Malice got involved on Friday too reminding everyone of when Birdman and Weezy were caught kissing on camera tweeting this…

“Well I LOVE Pusha! That’s my blood and I ain’t never kiss em.”

March 18, 2012

Charles Hamilton Releases Diss Track Towards J. Cole

Charles Hamilton disses his previous ally in this track, claiming it was him who set up J Cole’s deal with Roc Nation, and how he used to badmouth Jay Z.

“I remember when I met you, you was dissin’ Jay / Shit bothered me anyway / It’s not that I didn’t like him, I just heard rumors / And I heard you was my junior / Throwin’ up the Roc sign / I assumed that you knew what it meant / Apparently, you didn’t / Nigga you was fishin, barely was livin’ / And I’m the one who put you in your new position / Just remember, nigga.”

He also claims that Cole didn’t write his original rhymes..

“Every residual check belongs to me / Nigga this is a check, do a song with me / And this time, write it / You ain’t the nicest, nigga I was just excited.”