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August 8, 2012

MTV Wrap Up – The UK Rap Rundown

Last week I informed you that Tim Westwood had put in a complaint to YouTube to have the Mic Righteous ‘Sack City’ audio track removed. Mic didn’t let this bother him, because on July 31, he released the music video he had filmed whilst out in Ayia Napa for Fire On The Beach. The ‘Sack City’ video was filmed by SB.TV and included cameos from WileyMz BrattSneakbo and more. The video has now been made private; now the question is – is this due to another complaint from Westwood…

Now it’s time to look at the standout tracks and videos from last week. The first thing to catch my eye was Haze’s ‘Freedom Writers’ featuring Renee Soul, Mike GLC, Logic, and Cerose. The track is a powerful one and comes from the ‘Loyalty. Honor. Respect’ mixtape from Haze.

Ard Adz and Sho Shallow really are putting in the work, as I’m seeing a lot of new tracks and visuals from them. Their recent one ‘Love Live Life’ is a reflective and thoughtful track from the South London rappers.

London Ivy worked with respected producer Nutty P for his brand new track ‘Do You Wanna Ride’, which will be on the rapper’s forthcoming free project ‘C.A.R.C.D’ (The Conquer and Rule CD).

UK rap maestro Sneakbo joined Vybz Kartel to provide the first remix of Orange Hill’s new single ‘Pon Time’, giving the track a homegrown flavour.

North London rapper Squeeks is the second person on the GRM Daily website to release a Daily Duppy. He uses the numbers 1 to 10 in some of his first bars, showing off his lyrical skills. Meanwhile, Young Spray talks us through how he has become the man he is today on the new track ‘Came Up’ which is the first release from his forthcoming album Hard 2 Kill part 2’, set to come out on August 27.

Influential artists Akala and English Frank have joined together for ‘Educated Tug S**t’. The message behind the track? If you’re not educated and have no principles, street reputation and living a gangster life means nothing. The video shows clips of the ‘Spartan Fam’ exercise group in the background, with the rest kept simple.

Lastly this collaboration is the one that’s been on many peoples lips for the last couple of months. Was it going to happen? It seems the answer is yes as a 17-second teaser was released on the Benny Banks official channel. ‘Who’s The Daddy’ featuring Dappy should be released in full in the next few weeks – keep your eyes and ears peeled!

July 31, 2012

Mic Righteous – Sack City (Tim Westwood Diss)

Mic Righteous went out to Napa for Fire On The Beach where he recorded the video to Sack City, featuring cameo’s from Wiley, Mz Bratt, Sneakbo, K Koke and more…Tim Westwood already had the audio removed due to a ‘copyright claim’ off Youtube. This hasn’t stopped Mic, will Westwood try and remove this as well?

June 20, 2012


I’m a bit late on this diss track, but you have to forgive me I’ve been in Spain for a week and a lot of people were telling me about this track as soon as I got back today.

Westwood really shouldn’t have dissed Mic Righteous, the UK rapper goes in hard on this diss track.

Check out the post I wrote when Westwood dissed Mic Righteous first

Righteous anger? Big Dawg Westwood lays into the Mic

June 1, 2012

Righteous anger? Big Dawg Westwood lays into the Mic

It started off with Devlin dropping in on Westwood’s show to talk about his new music…

At 5 minutes 20 seconds Devlin drops in Mic Righteous’ name.

“I see other people trying to come through, even if there not my favourite MC’s like Mic Righteous. At least he’s trying to be lyrical man, so I have to respect that little corner. I’m all for the lyrics.”


Then last night Westwood decided to comment on how no-one was beefing, not mentioning any names but we all knew who he was talking about, especially when he said GO back to Margate.This is what the Big Dawg said last night…

“His (Devlin) interview is online, he didn’t name names of who he was really pointing the finger at, but people are claiming it’s them, and I was here and I talked to him on mic and off mic, and it’s not you you just want the promo kid, you just want the promo. Don’t take the promo baby. You just want to big your chest up and claim beef when there’s no beef there. I read your timeline don’t get it twisted kid, your sour. Fix your face sucker. Don’t be claiming what you want…it aint you. Go back to Margate.”

Its still too early to imagine how this might develop, but the idea of 2 equally talented lycrical heavyweights wading into each other is an exciting prospect. Although having said that, why is Westwood getting hot and bothered about it? I guess he’s still angry at being fired from his show.

April 15, 2012

Westwood Crib Sessions – Marger Freestyle

Marger goes on Tim Westwood’s Crib Sessions to lay down a freestyle, beginning over the Still Tippin instrumental.

January 4, 2012

The Dream Reveals He Pocketed $15 Million For ‘Umbrella’ On Tim Westwood

The Dream was one of the latest guests on Tim Westwood’s show. Known for asking wild questions, The Dream held his own and answered them, saying he made around $15 million for writing Rihanna’s hit Umbrella. He also talked about the story behind writing Baby for Justin Bieber and how he gave a percentage of the writing credits to Christina Milian as she helped him choose the right melody.