Clement Marfo Leaks Five Songs From Forthcoming Album

Clement Marfo is very unhappy with his label Warner and has told all his followers on Twitter. It started off about an hour ago with him saying.

“I started this whole thing simply for the love of music! My escape, my way of expressing my emotions, my way of relating a story with others”

“I once remember the love & excitement of creating original music – where there was no briefs or someone telling you to make a song like this”

“There’s alot of manufactured girl/boy bands out there engineered by label execs & I can promise you this Clement Marfo & The Frontline isn’t”

Then he went on to tell his fans that the delay of the album is not his or the Frontline’s fault, but Warner.

“Most of these songs you hear now were written in 2009, before we got signed to a major label! Where the love for our music became poisoned”

“Apparently, we are not connecting with our audience…. what does that even mean? The label are so quick to come up with fucking excuses”

“I was told this album will be released Autumn/Winter and still there is no release date! It’s bloody August for goodness sake @warnermusic

“Do you know how many talented artists we lose every year due to the label changing up the style they were interested in, in the 1st place…”

And then he decided to make a brilliant decision and stand up against his label Warner Music leaking 5 tracks titled World War III. Brilliant!

“.and with this I have made my OWN decision! My fans want to hear songs from the album and so they will! #fuckthelabel 

Download Clement Marfo + The Frontline 5 leaked album tracks here 

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