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October 13, 2014

Clement Marfo (@ClementMarfo) – The Introduction [Audio]

Clement Marfo is back with some brand new sounds and has struck out on his own too as a solo artist, not with a band anymore. He has spent the last 12 months in the studio conditioning and nurturing his new sound for a brand new chapter. Break A Sweat and Glass Ceiling are the first two new tracks we have heard from him and their are evident old school Funk and Soul sounds, but still with Clement’s amazing energy.



December 19, 2012

MTV The Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Yesterday Clement Marfo took to Twitter to explain to what a straggler was, making myself and others laugh as he described Caroline Flack as the perfect example of one. Take note! “‪#stragglers a woman who remains at a bar long after the more attractive women have left/been taken home by men. Considered to be last resort…

“‪#stragglers a woman who has slept/dated with 3 or more men in the industry… and if this is you; I’m sorry luv, but you are a straggler!

“‪#stragglers a woman who expects a lift home just because you live in the same area… ‘You see that night bus, it’s got your name on it!’”

On to the music; there were a few free mixtapes released last week. Firstly, one of the finest MC’s in the UK Genesis Elijah released ‘I Ain’t Even Charging Bruv 2’. With seven tracks, the tape includes one of my personal favourites ‘Underground King’ and features come from ContextLoudmouth MelvinPyro BarzDream Mclean and Sibling Jointz.

He also dropped the visuals to one of the tracks, entitled ‘What I’m On’. The video was shot at the ‘Hip Hop Isn’t Dead’ night held a few weeks ago at Brixton Jamm and features English FrankMic RighteousSkinnyman and more in the video.

Geko dropped his first official mixtape ‘Voice Of The Future’ last week. The 15-year-old from Manchester and the youngest USG member has impressed many with this release, showcasing his solid flow and content way above his years, which many can relate to. This should cement Geko as one to watch in the UK rap scene.

Show N Prove has produced for some of UK rap’s heavyweights including Wretch 32K KokeBenny BanksLowkey and more. Last week saw him release the free download ‘Show N Prove Instrumentals Vol 2’. He reportedly already has tracks lined up in 2013 with Tinie TempahProfessor GreenDot RottenRoll Deep and Giggs.

Micall Parknsun gave us another video last week; ‘Grade & Liquor’ comes from his forthcoming ‘Me Myself & Akai’ album which is to be released in January 2013.

UK hip-hop MC Big Cakes dropped the video to ‘4 Elephants’ where he talks us through his grievances about the rap game now and how many artists are fake. This track is taken from the ‘CCC’ album.

This combination of artists is beautiful on this one; Squeeks was joined by singer Tom Prior and MckNasty on the drums for their live session of ‘I Ain’t Gonna Beg’. The levels were high from all three artists in this acoustic version. MckNasty also released his first mixtape 12.12.12 last week.

Respected Brixton-bred rappers DVS and Jaja Soze went to Westwood’s Crib recently to lay down a freestyle. PDC’s Jaja Soze was first up and laid down some deep bars over a mellow beat, with him passing the mic to DVS who goes in deep too. They then go in over Juicy J’s ‘Bandz A Make Her Dance’.

October 31, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Winter is officially here! The clocks have turned back and the weather last week was unbelievably cold. Myself and The Wrap Up’s editor Maz braved the cold on Monday for Clement Marfo + The Frontline’s show in Camden, where they were supported by Charlee Drew and Josh Kumra. The collective are known for their rowdy shows and this was one of the rowdiest I have been to yet! The audience got soaked as usual by Clements water throwing antics and there was a big moshpit before Clement tore off the ‘no stage diving’ sign and jumped off the stage…

On Wednesday night I was invited to Tzar’s listening party for his new joint project with VersA Beatz, ‘XO.VS’ at a luxury penthouse in Westminster. We were treated to drinks and a spectacular view as everyone including rappers BigzSmilerMega and Mayhem sat down and listened to the full-length project, which is an ode to the high life and true love for luxury possessions. The two are already working on a follow up to the project, so watch out for that.

Benny Banks warmed up for Pusha T last week, and although I wasn’t there, he performed his new track ‘Trouble’ which is currently floating about online.

The video to K. Koke’s first official single was released – and what a moment it was. The video was more like a mini movie, a tale of struggle which showed Koke’s ability to appeal to a more varied audience but without losing his authenticity. Rappers can learn a lesson from this, as he shows you don’t have to compromise who you are.

Steel Banglez got the first play of his new track ‘Wafey’ on DJ Target’s show last week; of course it featured Cashtastic who works with the East London producer on a lot of his own tracks. We also hear some bars from Margs.

Young Don and Fekky had a few releases last week. Young Don released the video to his collaboration with Fekky called ‘ Gwup Boyz’  from ‘The Weather Man’. The 13-track mixtape was released last week and features UK rap peers such as J Spades, SqueeksArd AdzSho Shallow and more. Fekky also dropped the video to ‘No Worries’ featuring Slic Vic – look out for it.

Political Peak released the video to ‘Times Have Changed’ featuring Tayong off his ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ mixtape that also came out last week. The 19-track free download includes features from DVSJaja Soze and Exo and is definitely worth a listen.

Until next Monday!

October 23, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Last Monday I hit the Jazz Café in Camden to catch one of the world’s best DJ’s, Jazzy Jeff. DJ’s Emily Rawson and Big Ted kept us entertained, spinning some old school jams as we waited. MysDiggi gave a witty performance and Blak Twang came on afterwards to show the crowd what UK hip-hop is all about. Jazzy Jeff gave us an outstanding performance mixing some modern hip-hop with classic tracks…

Azealia Banks was in London for the Mermaid Ball gig recently and Shystie was there to support and perform with Azealia, who later tweeted: “Shystie is better than any female with a mic in her hand right now”. Last Monday Shystie and Ms Banks got to shoot the video to their track ‘Control It’ and I can only imagine how great it’s going to turn out. With not many female collaborations as it is, these two have great chemistry and this is going to show on screen. I can’t wait to see the video!

Giggs told the world who he wanted to help settle his frustration last week since his release from prison, as he tweeted: “Da cover drive chick need to bring that sexy body over here, always wining up her self on TV stressin me out when I was locked up, she owes me”

Giggs also revealed his first video since his hiatus, ‘What N****s Want’; it was the moment a lot of people, including myself, had been waiting for. The track is set to be on his album ‘When Will It Stop’ which is due out next year.

Now it’s time to look at some standout tracks and videos from the week. Manchester rapper Lyrican enlisted 15-year-old USG member Geko to feature on his new track ‘Falling Down’.  Geko also had his own track that came out last night, which hears him talk us through some of his life and trials and tribulations in ‘From Young’.

London MC Melanin 9 who has a reputation for his conscientious rhymes and intelligent wordplay has a new release called ‘Landslide’. This is following on from his recent video ‘Organised Democracy’ off his new album ‘Magna Carta’ which is due for release on December 3.

Young Spray dropped the video to ‘Forgiveness’ from his ‘Hard 2 Kill Vol 2’ mixtape, which is out now. Mr. RTM’s new mixtape ‘Realer Than Most Vol 3’, hosted by Mykal Million will be also be dropping very soon, so look out for that.

Tonight I’m off to see Clement Marfo + The Frontline at Barfly in Camden for their headline show, and from what I’ve seen from them before, it’s definitely not one to miss. I’ll fill you in on what went down next week…

October 8, 2012

Clement Marfo & the Frontline – Last Night (Preditah Remix) [Audio]

Grime producer Preditah remixes Clement Marfo + The Frontline‘s latest single Last Night. Due to be released on November 26th, here will be additional remixes from Sibling and Jacob Plant.

August 24, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: The UK Rap Rundown [News]

In last week’s column I gave you some info on Professor Green’s Twitter rants. This week, he and Akala went head-to-head with one another on the social networking site. Pro Green hit out at Akala after he used him as an example of white rappers depicting black culture in music, referencing Pro Green’s ‘Jungle’ negatively. Akala threw Maverick Sabre’s name in, who featured on the track, during the heated twitter discussion which led him to release a statement – read more here

Clement Marfo also went on Twitter to show his frustration at his record label recently, explaining that him and his band The Frontline’s album should have been released last autumn; yet there is still no release date. He then leaked five of his album tracks for free to his fans.

Last Monday I headed down to the Jump Off Finals at Scala, London. The MC battle was a very close one, but in the end Tenchoo was the winner of the 5K prize. The producer battle wasn’t quite as close and most people had decided on the winner Loko (Black Ice) from the first round. Dance crew Prototype won the 10K prize, the biggest of the night. Congratulations to all of the contestants for getting so far.

Squeeks has been releasing a lot of visuals this month; this week alone he has put out two. The first one is ‘Meet K’ where he talks us through a story of a female. The second one ‘I Got You’ was released yesterday and is a refix of The Weeknd’s ‘Rolling Stone’ – it’s definitely one for the ladies!

Wretch 32 released his freestyle ‘Drinking In The Sky’ featuring Chip, giving us a teaser of what to expect from his mixtape ‘Wretchercise’ the next day. This was his first full-length project in a year since his album ‘Black & White’. I have to say every one of the 17 tracks on it is strong and makes me excited for his next album.

SN1’s Gunna Dee also tells us why he likes ‘Bad Girls’ on the first video from his ‘Happy Hustler’s Day’ mixtape. The track features Angel who gives us a catchy hook.

There was said to be an interesting mixture of people in the studio last week as ShystieScorcherExo and Red Skull Beats joined Vince Kidd for what I believe will be a remix of one of his tracks – as usual, keep your ears and eyes peeled ‘til next time!

August 14, 2012

Clement Marfo Leaks Five Songs From Forthcoming Album

Clement Marfo is very unhappy with his label Warner and has told all his followers on Twitter. It started off about an hour ago with him saying.

“I started this whole thing simply for the love of music! My escape, my way of expressing my emotions, my way of relating a story with others”

“I once remember the love & excitement of creating original music – where there was no briefs or someone telling you to make a song like this”

“There’s alot of manufactured girl/boy bands out there engineered by label execs & I can promise you this Clement Marfo & The Frontline isn’t”

Then he went on to tell his fans that the delay of the album is not his or the Frontline’s fault, but Warner.

“Most of these songs you hear now were written in 2009, before we got signed to a major label! Where the love for our music became poisoned”

“Apparently, we are not connecting with our audience…. what does that even mean? The label are so quick to come up with fucking excuses”

“I was told this album will be released Autumn/Winter and still there is no release date! It’s bloody August for goodness sake @warnermusic

“Do you know how many talented artists we lose every year due to the label changing up the style they were interested in, in the 1st place…”

And then he decided to make a brilliant decision and stand up against his label Warner Music leaking 5 tracks titled World War III. Brilliant!

“.and with this I have made my OWN decision! My fans want to hear songs from the album and so they will! #fuckthelabel 

Download Clement Marfo + The Frontline 5 leaked album tracks here 

July 9, 2012


This weekend was the one everyone was waiting for… Wireless Festival! On Saturday, I caught a few tracks from the beautiful Rita Ora, which included ‘How We Do (Party)’, ‘Hot Right Now’, and ‘RIP’. She looked every inch the Roc Nation princess in camouflage combat trousers, black crop top and black beanie hat…

I had to run to see the amazing UK act Clement Marfo + The Frontline, who sent everybody absolutely mental as one of the first acts on at the Pepsi Max Stage. Frontman rapper Clement and singer Kojo exuberated energy, gaining lots of new fans.

Tulisa was up next on the main stage after Rita, opening with N Dubz songs. She showed her ex what he was missing by wearing a black low cut bra style top, with her midriff bare and a high waisted, short black star print skirt. She then dedicated ‘Titanium’ to her ex, saying “this is to my d***head ex-boyfriend, Justin f****** Edwards!” She also performed a track from her new forthcoming album called ‘Leave Me Alone’.

I then ventured to Barclay’s Unwind Stage to catch Sneakbo, where I saw Political PeakSho Shallow and Ard Adz performing. Sneakbo then came out and the crowd went even wilder. He performed ‘Yo Sexy’, ‘Call Me A Naija’, as well as doing covers of ‘Imma Boss’, and ‘Oliver Twist’. Of course he then ended with ‘Show Me The Wave’, and recent release ‘Sing For Tomorrow’.

UK hip-hop’s savior Sway was next up on the Barclays Unwind Stage; again you could tell there were hardcore fans in the audience as he performed ‘Up Your Speed’. ‘Still Speeding’ was definitely a crowd pleaser and his latest single ‘Level Up’ left the crowd unable to control their high.

I then went to see Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa who looked very indie in a bowler hat, long t-shirt, black skinny jeans and denim jacket, performing his well-known tracks ‘Roll Up,’ ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and closing on ‘Black & Yellow’.

Fans gathered early to see The Weeknd. From the ‘House Of Balloons’ mixtape he sang ‘The Morning’, ‘The Party & The After Party’ and ‘Wicked Games’.  He also played tracks from the infamous ‘Thursday’ mixtape, which the crowd enjoyed the most. His solo performance for me was the best of the night; his vocals were 100% and you could hear every word of his stunning voice.

Next up was Ms Nicki Minaj. She got carted to the stage kicking off her set with ‘Roman’s Revenge’, ‘Did It On Em’, and ‘Beez In The Trap’. When ‘Moment For Life’, and ‘Starships’ came on, everyone was singing along. Near the end she did a dancehall inspired set, singing and dancing to songs like ‘Who Am I’ by Beenie Man and Tony Matterhorn’s ‘Dutty Wine’, where she showed everyone how it was done by wining on stage. ‘Superbass’ and ‘Monster’ were the closing tracks for the first lady of YMCMB.

Despite the rain, it was then time to see the artist everyone was waiting for – Drake. Coming on looking every inch the superstar, he was dressed all in black with touches of gold. He opened with ‘Underground Kings’, and ‘Lord Knows’ before quickly moving onto ‘I’m On One’ and ‘Over’.

He then said: “London is like my second home, I don’t give a f**k about the rain tonight.” The Weeknd came out to join him on ‘Crew Love’ and ‘The Zone’. Drake almost brought tears to The Weeknd’s eyes when he put his arm around him and told him, “I remember when I met you in Toronto, I knew you were going to be the greatest musician alive.”

Nicki also came back on stage for ‘Proud Of You’. The crowd joined in with Drake for ‘Take Care’, filling in for the missing Rihanna. He made the females falling for him judging by their love struck eyes! Despite the bad sound quality from the main stage, Drake put on a brilliant performance and proved why he was the headliner for Saturday and no one else.

Sunday’s Wireless saw Hyde Park become a lethal mudbath. The day was an eventful one, with the ‘King Of Hearts’ Lloyd taking to the stage to wow the ladies in the afternoon. UK soulstress Cleo Sol also represented in the afternoon, performing her new smash ‘Never The Right Time’. Other memorable acts included rapper K-Koke, StooSheLabrinthFlux PavilionRizzle KicksJessie J and J Cole.

Rihanna headlined Sunday’s event, which unfortunately was impacted by the poor sound quality, as it was for Drake’s set. Kicking off her set late, the star demonstrated her love for Egypt with an Arabian themed stage. The singer performed tracks like ‘Hard’ ‘Live Your Life’ ‘What’s My Name’ ‘Where Have You Been’ ‘S&M’ and finished off with ‘Umbrella’, at which time it was actually raining.

The 24-year-old’s headlining set was finished off with fireworks and bouncy balls being thrown into the crowd, before she told her adoring crowd: “Thanks for staying to watch me in the rain… Only in London would you guys stay to watch this show.”



April 20, 2012

Clement marfo and The Frontline: Destined to hit highs and headlines in 2012

Meet rapper Clement Marfo, who has been making waves as an individual on the underground grime scene. Then there’s the band: you have vocalist Kojo, Dion-on drums, Johnny on bass, Rich and Dan on guitar, and the only female, Stacey, on keys and vocals. Collectively their sound is unique, uniting hip hop with grime, rock and pop. They have been together for three years, playing shows on the underground circuit as well as supporting Example, Plan B and Florence + the Machine. Now 2012 is set to be their year, to be at the forefront. Flavour meets Clement Marfo & The Frontline to talk fusion, concrete and Captain Kirk…

So, can Clement Marfo function or exist without The Frontline, or The Frontline without their frontman?
CM: That’s a good question. I was a hip-hop MC before this, and a mutual friend hooked me up with Dion, and Dion knew other musical people and recommended them to me. Everything just came naturally; and I swear, if I wasn’t with the band, I don’t think I’d be in this position.
Dion: As a band, instrumentally we can hold it down, but this dude’s stage presence and energy is amazing. We bounce off each other. If any of us out of the seven wasn’t there, it just wouldn’t feel right.

Your sound has been described as a fusion of grime, hip hop, rock, pop and R&B – is that how you’d put it?
CM: The thing is, you can’t put us in a box. There are seven of us with different backgrounds. Dion’s into his rock, I’m into hip hop, Kojo’s into soul, Stacey’s into pop… there’s different aspect of things. We can cross genres. I would say hip-hop rock. We borrowed those elements and incorporated them in our music.
Do you think by mixing up all these genres it unites today’s youth?
Dion: I’d say so. I’ve met people that are strictly grime or strictly rock, and the two worlds just can’t understand each other. I feel as a band, hopefully we bring it all together. Kano did ‘Typical Me’ – that’s when everyone started to go, ‘OK.’
CM: People are borrowing elements. I think we’re in this generation where it’s not like your jazz, your hip hop, your pop; everything’s mixed around. When you come to our show there’s a wide demographic; there’s kids, adults, teenagers, black, white, Asian people. It appeals to everyone, not because of the music, but because of the seven figures you see on stage.

Does having so many creative individuals within one entity often lead to creative differences?
Dion: No chance.
CM: Were a family. I wouldn’t say not a chance.
Dion: No, because I feel like…
CM: We’re having a dispute right now… [all laugh]. It’s the quality control, everybody puts a contribution in, which is positive. It’s not like, ‘I want this in because I’m a rock guy.’ We all sprinkle our ingredients on it to come together. I’m the frontman.
Dion: Captain Kirk.
CM: There always has to be someone who makes the executive decisions, in a way. You’ve also got to listen, and the guys have got so many valid points, it makes you think outside of the spectrum.

How do you begin to make a song, with so many of you involved?
CM: There’s two ways: One is where a producer might come up with a little snippet of a beat and we kind of loop that and put an instrumentation of that. Or we go in a rehearsal studio or a sound check, for example, and come up with a natural jam.
Dion: We’ll go into a rehearsal room and start jamming and doing our thing, and Clement will come out with some screenplay, he’s very visual.

Tell us about your latest single ‘Overtime’. What has the reaction been so far?
CM: This is the first step in the door, I think. With this track we’re here to set a mark and the response has been crazy. It’s No 2 on the MTV Base Chart, and Radio 1, 1Xtra have all been supporting the track, and it’s got us MTV Brand New for 2012. The track is about nobody works harder than us, it’s about work ethic – in order to get where you are you have to work harder than the people around you. Someone like Ghetts, his work ethic is crazy – every year he’s got singles, mixtapes, collaborating – he was perfect for this.

Your second single ‘Mayhem’ is out in March, so tell us about it…
CM: We’ve had this track for a year and a half now. We knew it was going to have some heat on it, because when we did it on a few shows it gets the crowd hyped. With Kano on it, he just added an extra something.
Dion: He just swagged it completely.

Clement, how do you feel about other MCs on a track, being the group’s rapper?
CM: I like collaborations; I think it helps us as a campaign and as a product. People want to hear a great UK legend on track. If it was any Tom Dick or Harry, I’d be like what’s this?
Dion: For me, if you can bring it…
CM: It’s a very competitive field and it steps my game up. It’s great because these guys are inspirations to me and it feels like I’ve worked hard to be on stage with guys that I’ve looked up to.

What was the track that you feel first got you guys noticed?
Dion: It has to be ‘Champion’.
CM: Yeah. We wrote the song on the day of David Haye’s fight – we wanted an entrance theme, that was the inspiration for it. The day we recorded it, I remember the producer was like, ‘This is it, this is a hit.’ Then A&Rs started coming to our shows: Warner came, Sony came, EMI, it was like, woah, crazy! So after a few months we were offered a contract with Warner Brothers; it was like, damn, massive major label!
Dion: That was one of the best days, but we didn’t want to get gassed.

How long do you think it takes to create an underground buzz?
CM: You can’t blow in six months; you can’t blow in one year.
Dion: You just can’t do it like that.
CM: There are ways, though; with the likes of YouTube you can have one song and blow up. Everything takes steps – you can’t run before you can walk. We’ve been together maybe three years and I believe that’s how long it takes. You’ve got to build a foundation, get the concrete, make sure everything sits perfectly and then you can start building.
Dion: You need to be going out and tearing shows to pieces. I think what’s worked for us is we like to go out and talk to people after shows and just hang out with them. If you want to keep them on board, you have to give them something to remember.

You’ve worked with many great artists. Who’s been your favourite?
Dion: You could ask each member of the band and everyone’s got a different answer. For me, I feel torn, because Ghetts’ energy on stage is incredible, and then Sway, when he came down and I heard his verse, it was just like incredible.
CM: Ghetts matches our energy, and I love that. Sway adds a polish and Kano adds a package full of swag.

What’s the nicest thing a person in the music industry has said about your music?
CM: Mike Skinner from The Streets, we did a gig with him at the Freeze Festival and he said, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, because you know what it is, I’m not going to make your head big, but you guys are the future.’ This is Mike Skinner, he’s sold millions. ‘The future’, that makes us feel amazing. He’s an icon, a legend.
Dion: There was a session drummer, Ginger his name is, he came down and saw the set and said, ‘That was incredible.’ For me, from drummer to drummer, that was just beautiful.

What can we expect from the forthcoming debut album?
CM: We’ve written 60 songs; I know in the back of my mind there’s eight songs that I want on the album.
Dion: We’ve all got our lists of what we want; because there are seven of us we need to get a shortlist.
CM: Expect something like ‘Champion’, big energetic hooks, full of instrumentations; we’ve got two guitarists so it’s going to be a very rock/hip hop/pop album. It’s out this summer, just before the Olympics.

Is 2012 going to be your year, we expect great things from you?
CM: I wouldn’t like to say yes, 2012 is our year, because I might jinx myself or underachieve.
Dion: I think it is; the momentum at the minute is building, and if we keep going how we are, then yes.

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