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October 26, 2015

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @Adele @Bonkaz @YellowsUK @Young_Spray @OfficialGiggs @Novelist @KyleLettman

Adele – Hello

News came out that one of Britain’s finest singers Adele has completed her new album 25 and this week saw her release the video to her first single to be heard off of it “Hello”. The single was premiered on the breakfast show on Radio 1 along with an honest interview with Adele that reminded us why she is seen as a national treasure to us. The soulful singer has yet again captivated people with her voice, haunted with her lyrics and got people talking about the flip phone in her video. Watch it below.

Bonkaz – You Don’t Know

Bonkaz shows people he can have fun with his music too with his new track “You Don’t Know” which samples Dizzee Rascal’s “Bonkers”. Produced by Splurgeboys and Sonny Reeves, Annie Mac announced it as her ‘hottest record in the world’ on her Radio 1 show. This track is set to be another future anthem from Bonkaz, who we can see is going to be bringing us hits for a long time to come.

Yellows – Yella Belly 

Alwayz Recordings rapper from North London Yellows has just dropped the visuals to accompany his new freestyle “Yella Belly” which premiered on GRM Daily. Yellows talk real life issues in this new one, what he’s been going through personally and why he’s been quite for a bit musically. He rides the beat like a pro and his flow is naturally tight on it. This is real and why it’s one of my tracks of the week.

Young Spray & Giggs – Gangster For Certain

What a combination. When you hear these two names together you know this is going to be a banger. North London’s Young Spray joins forces with South London’s Giggs who are two of UK rap’s hardest; bring us the video for “Gangsters For Certain”. This is UK rap at it’s grittiest and is a street anthem that will be a classic for years to come.

Novelist – Endz

Lewisham Grime MC Novelist keeps coming with the bangers and “Endz” sees the 18-year-old take it back in time to the foundational roots. The video is nostalgic, looking like it was filmed on a handheld camera giving it a vintage feel, and the beat is minimal allowing Novelist to spray his bars about his hometown of Brockley.

Kyle Lettman – Crush 

Kyle Lettman that will get you feeling all hot under the collar when you press play on his sexy, brand new single “Crush” off his second EP Under Construction which will drop next month. “Crush” brings old school R&B vibes back that we all remember and love with some reggae influence, which kind of reminds us a bit of Sean Paul but more R&B. It will make you want to hit the dance floor as it’s filled with straight vibes bringing a basement feel.

April 7, 2012

Future The Prince – Young Money

Flavour Magazine’s Shireen Fenner recently caught up with Future The Prince, Drake’s official DJ before the Club Paradise Tour kicked off in the UK. In this interview The Prince talks about him and Drake’s respect for one another, his solo career, understanding people as a DJ and the Young Money crew taking over.

You have made yourself quite a name as a DJ, and yet your connection to Drake seems to have a large part of your success. Do you think your career would be very different now if you guys hadn’t come up together?

Yeah absolutely, I mean a lot of opportunities come from touring and being able to go to lot of places and have these big shows. From there that’s where a lot of the other DJ stuff stems. Would I be any less successful I don’t know because to me being successful is enjoying what you do and being happy. To me it’s just enjoying the ride and understanding this is something special, not only for me but for Drake too, for all of us.

Have you and Drake ever had any disagreements?

We have a difference of opinion on things, but that’s the best part of our relationship. I got to be honest with him at all times, and he has to be honest with me at all times. We just got to help each other be better at what the other one does; we’re all part of one team. We never have arguments, it’s always constructive, and it’s always trying to help someone be better or help our show be better. We’re too like-minded. Your always going to have difference of opinion it’s just how you handle it, as long as you have respect for each other, nobody will ever get offended or upset.

Any funny stories from being on tour?

I can’t really pinpoint one; its different because you’re with your friend’s everyday so everyday is funny. We’re pretty calm, laid back kind of guys, so nothing super wild. A lot of great things happen at shows that might be crazy to other people. People have tattooed Drake’s face on their bodies, a girl tattooed Drake’s name across her forehead, that’s probably the craziest thing I have ever seen, people committing that much as a fan.

Other than touring with Drake and Young Money, are there any other developments with regard to your solo career?

I still do my own DJ tours and travelling is a big passion of mine so I go to a lot of places I’ve never been to before, that’s what I always try to do with my time off. I use DJ’ing to get to those places, it makes it a little bit easier to know that your going out there to not only explore, but to fulfill a commitment and to be a part of a sub culture that’s within music in these other cultures around the world. Most of my career has to do with touring and being with Drake.

DJ to producer seems to be a natural evolution for many. Are we going to see you in the studio at some point?

I’ve always worked on music and I’ve always been part of the musical process in our team. I produced a remix for Adele for ‘Someone Like You,’ that was something I started and I want to come out with more in the near future. It’s just a natural progression to get into production and making beats and arranging music. I’ve put out a couple of mixtapes before and they’ve done really well for people, it just takes a lot of time to make them really special and really good. When I really settle down and get some time off I’ll start making some mixtapes.

What are you enjoying about the UK music scene at the moment?

The music is amazing; I really like funky house and the culture of Grime, and the sound and everything that embodies that. Coming all the way from North America and coming here and listening to music I’ve never heard before, that’s been built here and made here and is big here and accepting it and enjoying it means that it’s good music. I like good music and the people in the UK really take pride in their music, and they’re very cultured in music, so it’s always been fun for me to be a part of the music scene here. When I land in the UK the first thing I do is really try and find out and get caught up and reacquainted with what’s hot in the music scene. I got a couple of songs here and there that are pretty big that I can’t wait to drop. Labrinth’s Earthquake is a big record.

How has coming from a city like Toronto helped influence and shape you into the artist you are today?

It’s everything; it’s shaped everything that we are. Not only me but my entire team, it’s a big part of who we are. Growing up in Toronto is special you get a sense of culture, you get exposed to so many types of people and so many different walks of life. It makes you very open minded to go explore and understand parts of other peoples cultures that you incorporate into your life. It’s always been the most important part of our influence. London is the most similar to Toronto out of all the places I’ve been, from the people to the sub culture, that’s why I feel very at home when I come here.

Do you ever feel like the impact and importance of the DJ is sometimes slept on, and the DJs role is overshadowed by others?

It really depends on how much of a role you play in ones show. Sometimes shows are really band heavy and the DJ doesn’t really shine much, and sometimes the show is just the DJ and the DJ shines more. At the end of the day anybody who’s up on that stag looking for shine is doing it for the wrong reason. It’s about being part of one sound, whether it’s you and one artist, or you and a band, it’s all about all those elements coming together to make a great sounding show.

What is the most important attribute a DJ should have? Because we often see DJ’s with great technical skill who can scratch and do all sorts of tricks, but couldn’t get a crowd moving in a club if they tried.

The most important thing is to understand people and understand where you are. If you’re in the UK, go find out what’s hot in the UK. A lot of people from America come here and just play the same stuff they play in America, and it doesn’t really work sometimes. You got to be able to adjust, and walk into a room and look at the people and see what they like and see what they’re dancing to and keep up with that. Never play for yourself, always play for the people that are in the room, so I think that’s the most important attribute a DJ should have. It’s the thing I pride myself on.

What is the most enjoyable aspect about being a DJ?

Making people happy, making people have fun. You don’t know what’s going on in their day or in there lives, they could be having the worst day ever, and they walk into your club and it’s your job to take them away from all of that and make them dance for 3 hours and have the time of their lives.

Being able to control a mass of people’s mood and movement and energy is power. Does it give you a rush to know that you are the influencing and moving so many people? Almost like a puppeteer…

It’s an amazing rush when you have hundreds and thousands of people and there all moving to one beat, and your dictating to them, and their excitement and everyone singing along to a song at the same time.Young Money has been amazing, as a collective it’s given me a lot of opportunities to be a part of a change in culture when it comes to music. You can’t get in your car anywhere in this world and not hear a Young Money song.

What doors has being with Young Money opened for you? What does the future hold for future the prince?

Young Money has been amazing, as a collective it’s given me a lot of opportunities to be a part of a change in culture when it comes to music. You can’t get in your car anywhere in this world and not hear a Young Money song. The leverage that it gave me, and the leverage that it gives us a team to be that powerful in music is a great thing. What does the future hold; I don’t know we’ll see. I’ve always been excited about moving forward and taking advantage of the opportunities that happen as they happen. You can always look forward but sometimes you don’t know, an opportunity will come out of nowhere, and you’ve got to take it and run with it and just be ready for it.

January 13, 2012

The Brit Award Nominations 2012

Last night was the Brit Awards nominations, so here they are for 2012


British Male Solo Artist
Ed Sheeran
James Blake
James Morrison
Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds
Professor Green

British Female Solo Artist
Florence & the Machine
Jessie J
Kate Bush
Laura Marling

British Breakthrough Act
Anna Calvi
Ed Sheeran
Emeli Sandé
Jessie J
The Vaccines

British Group
Arctic Monkeys
Chase & Status

British Single
Adele – Someone Like You
Ed Sheeran – The A Team
Example – Changed The Way You Kissed Me
Jessie J ft Bob – Price Tag
JLS ft Dev – She Makes Me Wanna
Military Wives/Gareth Malone – Wherever You Are
Olly Murs ft Rizzle Kicks – Heart Skips A Beat
One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful
Pixie Lott – All About Tonight
The Wanted – Glad You Came

International Female Solo Artist
Lady Gaga

International Group
Fleet Foxes
Foo Fighters
Jay Z/ Kanye West
Lady Antebellum
Maroon 5

International Breakthrough Act
Aloe Blacc
Bon Iver
Foster The People
Lana Del Rey
Nicki Minaj

Outstanding Contribution to Music

Critics Choice
1st – Emeli Sandé
2nd – Maverick Sabre
3rd – Michael Kiwanuka

British Producer
Paul Epworth
Ethan Johes

November 15, 2011

Mobo Awards 2011 winners

My review of what happened when I attended the MOBO’s in Glasgow 2011…

Flavour magazine had a great time attending the MOBO awards 2011 in Glasgow SECC yesterday. The nominees were outstanding so the competition was tough. It was a great night of music and fashion, with the big winner being Jessie J who picked up 4 awards out of the 5 categories she was nominated in, including Best Album and Best Song.

Dionne Bromfield gave a stunning performance in tribute to late Godmother Amy Winehouse singing ‘Love is a Losing Game’ which gainned her a standing ovation.

The fans on the red carpet lined up and the biggest screams went to JLS, Dappy and Fazer, Rizzle Kicks and Tinchy Stryder who stayed signing autographs, taking pictures and talking to fans in the rain.

A lot of people were left disappointed that Wretch 32 did not win an award as Mann, Encore, and Dionne Bromfield were rooting for him before the awards took place. With Mann saying, ‘my homeboy Wretch 32 deserves to win, he has done amazing.’

Loick Essien who was up for Best Newcomer said before the awards took place, ‘I’m feeling great. I’m feeling amazing. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone perform. Everyones got their best attire on and everyones got there game face on.’

When asked what is his favourite memory of the MOBO’s, Chipmunk said “winning one when I was 17!”

Boyz II Men closed the show with their sensational old school performance of their classic hits End of the Road and I’ll Make Love to You.

MOBO founder Kanya King told CMU: “The excitement and atmosphere of our second year here in Glasgow has shown the love that the whole country has for MOBO. We felt so welcome the first time we came here, we didn’t think it could be topped. This year has been a phenomenal success and we can’t wait to return in 2013. It’s been a great event that has welcomed some exciting new award winners to the MOBO roll of honour including the global superstar Adele, the UK’s hot talent Tinchy Stryder and of course the fantastic Jessie J walking away with four awards”.

Here’s the full list of winners:

Best UK Act: Jessie J

Best Newcomer: Jessie J

Best Hip Hop/Grime Act: Tinie Tempah

Best Video: Tinchy Stryder feat Dappy – Spaceship

Best International Act: Rihanna

Best Song: Jessie J – Do It Like A Dude

Best Album: Jessie J – Who You Are

Best Reggae: Alborosie

Best Jazz Act: Kairos 4Tet

Best African Act: Wizkid

Best Gospel Act: Triple O

Best R&B/Soul Act: Adele

Outstanding Contribution To Music: Boyz II Men

BeMOBO Award: Youth Music

*published at Flavour Magazine