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July 9, 2012


This is my first UK Rap Rundown column; here I will be bringing you the week’s highlights in the UK urban scene – I hope you enjoy it! I haven’t even been back from the BET Awards in L.A a week yet and have already attended a festival – Hyde Park’s Wireless. I was pleased to see underground rappers Political PeakSho Shallow and Ard Adz get a packed out tent and an amazing crowd reaction – it proved how well UK rap is doing…

Of course, Sneakbo smashed his set too. Sway did an old school hip-hop style set, with verses from Wu TangTupac and Mobb DeepRoc Nation signee USG member K Koke also performed on the Sunday supported by his fellow crew members.

In other news, Scorcher has replied to Dappy’s ‘Tarzan 2’ diss which hears him say: “I still roll for my hood and I wear my chain, f**k a Top Boy Scorcher he can’t do the same. Real recognise real, how many albums have you sold to date?”

Scorcher wasn’t too happy with Dappy and replied via an SB.TV video called ‘Rockstar’. The MC dropped punchline after punchline, saying that he is an “underground king, you could never be my equal” and “you could have a mill still look like a tramp.” He also mentions Tulisa and the now infamous tape that her ex-boyfriend leaked to the world.

Personally I liked Dappy’s ‘Tarzan 2’ video; unfortunately he had to re-shoot and re-release the video due to the heavy controversy it received. Props to Scorcher; he went in on the diss track and I feel he is the better man in this situation.

The video that caught my attention last week came from Donae’o. I was at the video shoot for the track ‘YDKAM’ and know there’s going to be a lot more to come from the ‘Party Hard’ singer on his album. He told me: “It’s going to have a lot more hip-hop and R&B, there’s a want for it, so I can put it out.”

The song ‘You Don’t Know About Me’ features some of UK rap’s hardest lyricists, such as Joe BlackSqueeksDru BluRatlin and Lethal B.

Another interesting one was the Labrinth produced ‘Watchtower’ by Devlin featuring Ed Sheeran. It is the first single from his forthcoming album ‘A Moving Picture’.

Leicester based R&B singer Luke Bingham was also recently joined by Play Dirty’s Krept & Konan for the track ‘Shut It Down’. I really like the beat to this track and Krept & Konan really give the song that hip-hop edge it needed. I predict big things for Mr Bingham; he has the voice, the style and looks to match.

July 9, 2012


This weekend was the one everyone was waiting for… Wireless Festival! On Saturday, I caught a few tracks from the beautiful Rita Ora, which included ‘How We Do (Party)’, ‘Hot Right Now’, and ‘RIP’. She looked every inch the Roc Nation princess in camouflage combat trousers, black crop top and black beanie hat…

I had to run to see the amazing UK act Clement Marfo + The Frontline, who sent everybody absolutely mental as one of the first acts on at the Pepsi Max Stage. Frontman rapper Clement and singer Kojo exuberated energy, gaining lots of new fans.

Tulisa was up next on the main stage after Rita, opening with N Dubz songs. She showed her ex what he was missing by wearing a black low cut bra style top, with her midriff bare and a high waisted, short black star print skirt. She then dedicated ‘Titanium’ to her ex, saying “this is to my d***head ex-boyfriend, Justin f****** Edwards!” She also performed a track from her new forthcoming album called ‘Leave Me Alone’.

I then ventured to Barclay’s Unwind Stage to catch Sneakbo, where I saw Political PeakSho Shallow and Ard Adz performing. Sneakbo then came out and the crowd went even wilder. He performed ‘Yo Sexy’, ‘Call Me A Naija’, as well as doing covers of ‘Imma Boss’, and ‘Oliver Twist’. Of course he then ended with ‘Show Me The Wave’, and recent release ‘Sing For Tomorrow’.

UK hip-hop’s savior Sway was next up on the Barclays Unwind Stage; again you could tell there were hardcore fans in the audience as he performed ‘Up Your Speed’. ‘Still Speeding’ was definitely a crowd pleaser and his latest single ‘Level Up’ left the crowd unable to control their high.

I then went to see Taylor Gang general Wiz Khalifa who looked very indie in a bowler hat, long t-shirt, black skinny jeans and denim jacket, performing his well-known tracks ‘Roll Up,’ ‘Work Hard, Play Hard’ and closing on ‘Black & Yellow’.

Fans gathered early to see The Weeknd. From the ‘House Of Balloons’ mixtape he sang ‘The Morning’, ‘The Party & The After Party’ and ‘Wicked Games’.  He also played tracks from the infamous ‘Thursday’ mixtape, which the crowd enjoyed the most. His solo performance for me was the best of the night; his vocals were 100% and you could hear every word of his stunning voice.

Next up was Ms Nicki Minaj. She got carted to the stage kicking off her set with ‘Roman’s Revenge’, ‘Did It On Em’, and ‘Beez In The Trap’. When ‘Moment For Life’, and ‘Starships’ came on, everyone was singing along. Near the end she did a dancehall inspired set, singing and dancing to songs like ‘Who Am I’ by Beenie Man and Tony Matterhorn’s ‘Dutty Wine’, where she showed everyone how it was done by wining on stage. ‘Superbass’ and ‘Monster’ were the closing tracks for the first lady of YMCMB.

Despite the rain, it was then time to see the artist everyone was waiting for – Drake. Coming on looking every inch the superstar, he was dressed all in black with touches of gold. He opened with ‘Underground Kings’, and ‘Lord Knows’ before quickly moving onto ‘I’m On One’ and ‘Over’.

He then said: “London is like my second home, I don’t give a f**k about the rain tonight.” The Weeknd came out to join him on ‘Crew Love’ and ‘The Zone’. Drake almost brought tears to The Weeknd’s eyes when he put his arm around him and told him, “I remember when I met you in Toronto, I knew you were going to be the greatest musician alive.”

Nicki also came back on stage for ‘Proud Of You’. The crowd joined in with Drake for ‘Take Care’, filling in for the missing Rihanna. He made the females falling for him judging by their love struck eyes! Despite the bad sound quality from the main stage, Drake put on a brilliant performance and proved why he was the headliner for Saturday and no one else.

Sunday’s Wireless saw Hyde Park become a lethal mudbath. The day was an eventful one, with the ‘King Of Hearts’ Lloyd taking to the stage to wow the ladies in the afternoon. UK soulstress Cleo Sol also represented in the afternoon, performing her new smash ‘Never The Right Time’. Other memorable acts included rapper K-Koke, StooSheLabrinthFlux PavilionRizzle KicksJessie J and J Cole.

Rihanna headlined Sunday’s event, which unfortunately was impacted by the poor sound quality, as it was for Drake’s set. Kicking off her set late, the star demonstrated her love for Egypt with an Arabian themed stage. The singer performed tracks like ‘Hard’ ‘Live Your Life’ ‘What’s My Name’ ‘Where Have You Been’ ‘S&M’ and finished off with ‘Umbrella’, at which time it was actually raining.

The 24-year-old’s headlining set was finished off with fireworks and bouncy balls being thrown into the crowd, before she told her adoring crowd: “Thanks for staying to watch me in the rain… Only in London would you guys stay to watch this show.”



July 5, 2012

Childish Gambino – Royalty

Childish Gambino releases an 18-track mixtape Royalty featuring Ghostface Killah, Bun B, Nipsey Hussle, ScHoolBoy Q, Ab-Soul, Beck and more.

Download Childish Gambino – Royalty here

Catch Childish Gambino tonight at YoYo’s Nottinghill Arts Club or at Wireless this weekend.

January 4, 2012

Everyone Wants A Lil Bit Of Cash

Cashtastic is an artist set to take the underground scene by storm. He may have only recently turned 18, but his music is already punching way above his youthful years.

The early guidance and encouragement of an older brother to do music was reinforced by teachers at school, telling the then eleven year old that he had a gift for writing. Dedication and hard work soon led to a joint mixtape with LP called, ‘The Formula’, which sparked a lot of interest in the gifted artist, and soon after Big Lee Records of Peckham chose Cash to join their ranks. Whilst at Big Lee Records, he released a single and featured on other singles and mixtapes. 2011 was Cashtastic’s year as he featured on Charlie Sloths show on 1Xtra alongside Yung Meth, also featured on Ace & Vis’ show, performed at the Wireless festival, G Shock store and went on the Bigga Fish tour. Shireen Fenner interviews him to find out Cashtastic’s story, his new releases and what 2012 holds for him.

Tell us a little bit about who Cashtastic is.
I’m a rapper, just turned 18 from South London. Sorry I’m an artist that’s who I am.

How do you bring your personality and your life experiences into your lyrics?
I tend to tell the truth instead of lying and fabricating the whole situation. You would be surprised at the amount of people that can relate to you telling the truth. When you tell real life situations you have to remember people are living real life so they can relate without you even noticing that anyone else can relate. I just put anything that I’m going through at that present moment in my lyrics.

It sounds like you had a quite a tough childhood. Was music an outlet for you where you could escape?
Yes definitely. I came from the streets, the streets were an outlet for me to go and do madness. Growing up I was trying to go to a different direction, and music is what I chose to do. One of my older brothers used to do music, so I looked up to him as my role model. It got to the age where I started doing it and enjoying it for my own purposes.

How does being religious guide you and help you make decisions in everyday life?
It has. It’s a bit of both I’m Muslim, so I’m not really meant to be doing music in the first place. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I’m doing this at this present moment for a reason. I pray every night and every day, so I believe that if I’m doing something like this interview today it was meant to happen. I don’t really bring religion into my music; I just say God willing and inshallah because it’s in my daily grammar.

How did your brother help in shaping you into the artist you are today?
I wouldn’t say he helped shape me, because when I was looking up to him and following his style of music it was more just doing exactly what he was doing. When I got to around Year 7, I started to shape myself. Them times I wasn’t even an artist. It was really a year and a half ago when I started shaping myself into an artist and trying new stuff and actually making a format for a song, and strategising without just rapping over a beat.

You’re from Peckham, growing up who else inspired or was influential to your musical journey from South London?
100% Giggs, because if your from Peckham, and your in my age group it was definitely Giggs that was doing this thing 100%. He’s made a lot of people start rapping. My brother made me start rapping, but Giggs defiantly influenced me to say well he’s from Peckham and he’s doing it so I can do it.

When did you realise that you could pursue your hobby as a career, and was there anyone in particular who really supported your decision?
I don’t like feeling like I’m wasting my time and that I’m doing something for no reason. I was building up a fanbase so I gathered that people were loving my music. There was a good amount of people that were supportive. Firstly one of my English teachers Ms. Fernandez. I loved English in school, so she could see my writing skills from there. She pushed me and a couple of other teachers pushed me. My friends loved the songs anyway; they banged the songs out and promoted it by sending them round and making everyone aware that I had new stuff coming out.

Talk us through your earlier days with Big Lee Records
There like the man dem from the ends. Big Lee was one of the mandem from the ends but he died, and his friends decided to make a label with his name in it. I’m still among Big Lee, the managers and CEO’s they are a part of my management team at the moment. They just got a collection of artists from the area, and just did songs all together, but I didn’t want people to think we were a group or a boyband. We started doing solo stuff and everyone went there own way.

Being young and a talented artist with a daily growing fanbase, what advise would you give to young people who want to pursue music?
Keep going, and I know you probably hear it and it’s a cliché but I’ve actually realised if its not happening now, its not meant to happen now. Don’t feel like your making however many tracks and your only getting 30 views, that doesn’t mean that you should give up. Just keep going because I remember when my only fans were my friends, now I’ve got fans in places that I’ve never been to in my life. I’d just say keep grafting and be persistent.

Did being on the Bigga Fish tour increase your presence on the scene and your fanbase?
Yes 100%. It was a great platform for me. That was my first time going on tour, and to not only tour London, but Birmingham, Sheffield, Manchester, which was my first time going to each of those cities. To go there and have the crowd sing back your lyrics, and I’ve never been there before was like how the heck do you know who I am. It was definitely great, and to finish up in London and get that love back from the hometown was wonderful.

You said recently that your female fanbase has expanded. Why do you think this is?
I don’t know I just think there feeling the boy. Females get attracted and I think if it’s not the lyrics they say it’s my looks.

Have you had any funny tweets from the ladies?
Yea, I get proposed to all the time. There’s a line for bookings and they phone and they book me, like they’ve got an event. It’s like, ‘yea we want to book Cash for a show,’ and they ask where’s the venue and they say, ‘my house,’ what’s the capacity, ‘no one just him and me. ’ I get that a lot, but it’s all love and I love the attention and the support.

A Lil Bit Of Cash is out soon, this is you first solo mixtape. Do you feel any expectations or more pressure because you don’t have anyone to share the burden with?
I don’t, the reason why is because I’m confident with the music I’ve got and if it doesn’t work its trial and error. You make mistakes to learn from them, so if I do this and it blows out the water and I turn into some next star overnight then I’d know I did the right thing. If I did it and I started losing fans, then I’d know not to do it. Personally I’m confident with the material I’ve got on it, and it will put me on a better platform than the one I’m on now.

Tracks collabs
I’ve shot 3 videos for 3 songs; they should all be on Channel AKA. I’ve shot ‘Gassed In The Rave’ ft. Krept & Konan, ‘Boasy,’ ft Stylo Gee and Rascals and ‘J Cole K Koke.’ ‘Boasy’ and ‘Gassed In The Rave’ are more up-tempo dancy kind of tracks. The majority of my stuff is about pain and slow kind of piano beats. I didn’t want people to think those were the only songs I could make, so I put those out. It’s just a journey throughout the whole tape. There’s a song on their called Flicker, and on the chorus I say, ‘I’m just here waiting, waiting for the day I can start celebrating.’ At that time I was thinking, I haven’t actually gone out and done something lately, I need some good news to celebrate. That’s earlier on in the tape, and later on in the tape, I got some good news and I needed to celebrate, so there’s a song called, ‘Celebration.’ The last song is called ‘Journey,’ and it shows the journey that I’ve made from where I was to where I am now, and the journey I’m trying to make from where I am now to where I want to be.

It’s nearly the end of the year, so what are your plans for 2012?
Bigger and better, epic, everything I do has to be bigger and it has to be better and it has to be epic. It has to be different; I’m not trying to do what everyone else is doing.

Any New Years resolutions?
I want to become a better artist, I’m always keen to learn and I’m learning every single day. I want to aspire to more things, I want to go to more places and become bigger than I am right now.

A Lil Bit Of Cash is out now on iTunes
Follow him on Twitter @cashtasticmusic

* published in Flavour Magazine