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April 29, 2014

MTV The Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

I’m back after a short hiatus and the bank holiday weekend to bring you guys what’s been going on in the world of UK rap every week. I’m going to kick things off with talking about G Frsh’s new video ‘Falling High’. Now you have probably heard the song as it was heard on Radio 1 tastemaker shows such as Zane Lowe and Mistajam. Shot in black and white in an East London undertakers bodes well with the whole feel and lyrics of the track, while helping us understand G Frsh and his journey. The track features his fellow Disturbing London label mateSonny Reeves, who provides the hook.

These boys are really something special when it comes to music, and they are called the Rascals. Made up of four lads Kay Willz, Big Shizz, Tempz and Merkz, all in their teens and who gained their first successes at the ages of 12 and 13. They recently released their ‘Class 90’ album, which was an absolute smash and featured some of the best UK talent such as Big NarstieSqueeksDru BluDouble S and more. They return after not long with a brand-new single called ‘So High’ which was given it’s first spin by Zane Lowe and is due for release on June 15.

Brixton’s Peak is one hardworking man, and the grind doesn’t stop when it comes to releasing EP’s, mixtapes, and videos. As well as his consistency, his tracks are quality too, which means he is a super-talented dude! This new track is the first I believe to be heard from his forthcoming tape ‘Brixton State Of Mind’, giving us a glimpse of what to expect. Google Peak ‘Say About Me’ to listen to this new one.

Original Triple Darkness founding member Melanin 9 is due to re-release his 2007 mixtape ‘High Fidelity’ strictly on vinyl on his own ‘Red Snow’ label. He will also add the instrumentals to the tracks, with new artwork and a bonus cut ‘Colours’ produced by Loopholes. As well as adding the bonus track he also shot a video to ‘Colours’, adding some new freshness to the whole project.

Clothing brand Supply & Demand launched a competition a few months back where they asked the public to vote for a song for five British artists which they would then go on to shoot a music video for. They decided on ‘See Me Now’ for Benny Banks featuring Ryan Keen. The video was released last week and for me really showed Banks development as an artist and lyricist; his real life raps seemed more knowledgeable and the sound matured.

Until next time…


August 21, 2013

MTV The Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Last week was a good week for the world of rap, especially for me live music wise, as I had quite a busy weekend. I went to the G-Shock Session’s on the Friday evening in Brick Lane to hear some quality live music. I caught Cashtastic, Baby Blue, Scrufizzer, Maxsta, old school legend Rodney P, Smiler and more perform. G-Shock always has the best when it comes to music and never disappoints…

Saturday and Sunday I was a V Festival, which is quite a ‘poppy’ festival but not enough for me to not enjoy myself. They did have K. Koke perform but he was the first act on Saturday and I didn’t arrive till late so missed him, but I did catch Yungen perform on Naughty Boy’s set so look out for that track.

Giggs released the album artwork, tracklisting and release date for his forthcoming album ‘When Will It Stop’ and all I can say is I’m so excited to hear this album (Giggs if you’re reading can I have an album listening invitation, please?). I genuinely can’t wait to hear the track with Styles P, and the one with Ed Sheeran will definitely be a banger too. To be honest I think all of the tracks will be hot. October 14, hurry up!

Colours Miyagi is back with another visual from his ‘Where’s My Money: Reloaded’ mixtape which has done really well and he’s keeping the buzz going with the videos. Even though ‘Like Me’ is a street track it’s one that the ladies can still get down to and could be heard in a club.

It looks like Squeeks is back on a roll too as he a few weeks back he gave us some new music called ‘Clean Cut’. This week sees him drop the video to a track called ‘This Life’ featuring Goldie 1 who I’ve been hearing a lot about. It’s good to see Squeeks back on his A-game in the lead up to ‘Presidential Musiq’.

Koder dropped a mixtape last week called ‘The Calm’. He is one to watch out for, and I had a quick chat with him about grime at Apartment 58. “I think everyone is scared right now; they’re scared of the competitive element which used to exist and was a big part of grime – like battling, clashing, sending for each other… that ‘I’m the best in the room’ effect.

“I feel everyone’s attention has kind of shifted; we’ve lost that core element – but I think it can be summarized by the word ‘scared.’”

Interesting and I think he has a point, what do you think?

July 19, 2013

MTV The Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Colours is one of the most respected and best road rapper to come out of London, so when he dropped his mixtape ‘Where’s My Money Reloaded’ he sent the internet ablaze. Respected UK DJ’s Charlie Sloth and Ras Kwame have backed the 22 free downloadable tape which has features from K Koke, Stylo G and Gyptian. He also released the video to ‘Everything’ sampling Mariahs ‘I Give My All’ and like the mixtape sees him spitting nothing but real, life-riddled bars.

Young Don is gearing up for the release of a new mixtape the follow on from his last one The Weatherman, coming back for Part II this time with DJ Khaled hosting. He gives us a teaser of what to expect by dropping the video to ‘Harder Than Them’ a street track which we can assume to be on the tape.

At only 21, Lady Lykez is one of the best the UK has to offer in terms of her witty lyricism, her new track ‘I Love My Butt’ is no different. Topman described it as ‘a hip-hop party cut of the summer’ and she has had artists Lady Leshurr and Blizzard tweeting about it. Make sure you check it out.

Brixton rapper Sho Shallow along with partner Ard Adz puts out video and track after track, constantly impressing with not only the quantity but quality of their work too. This time Sho Shallow goes solo for new track ‘Intro’ which is the first track off his forthcoming mixtape ‘Girls In The Middle’.

Cashtastic released the visuals to ‘London Summer Day’ giving his fans something to enjoy now the sun has finally graced us for the summer. We heard the track last summer, but it doesn’t feel old with Cash tweeting, “Big up ‪@RAPCITYTV we shot this ‪#LondonSummerDay video last year, put it out a year later and it’s still fresh!”

Rap Up UK discussed the subject of haters in their recent mini documentary. They talked to artists such as Dru Blu, Margs, Political Peak, Pak Man, Fem Fel, Pound Sterling and more talking about the reason for haters such as people not wanting you to do better than them and how with success comes jealousy which breeds hate. What’s your thoughts on haters?

Words: Shireen Fenner (@Shireenxoxo) 

*published on Monday 15th July

June 26, 2013

MTV The Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

This week I’m going to start off with two very special Fire In The Booth sessions. If you don’t know what it is, it was started by Charlie Sloth on BBC Radio 1Xtra and showcases the cream of UK MCs where they get to display their best lyrics. SN1’s Gunna Dee who recently released a mixtape ‘Hustler By Nature 2’ was up first. Keeping up the heat surrounding the tape, it was only right he went on the show…

North London rapper Squeeks dropped his first Fire In The Booth in 2011; two years on he returned for the second installment, really showcasing his progression since the first one. He makes this epic freestyle look effortless.

i Records are keeping it busy with two releases from the label this week.

Dru Blu keeps up the work level staying consistent by releasing another net video courtesy of Rap City TV. Keeping it real as always with this street banger, he tells us his reasons for working hard; ‘Rude boy I ain’t rich yet so what the f**k should I rest for.”

Snap Capone’s mixtape ‘Return Of The Shooter’ is the second release from i Records family. You might have seen some videos and freestyles of his recently leading up to this 25-track tape which sees him discussing life on the streets and in particular his own life. This is a hard road rap release and isn’t for the light hearted.

Producer Bayoz Muzik dropped the fourth video off his ‘Death Of A Beatmaker’ EP. ‘F U Pay Me Now’ features Tigger Da Author, Paigey Cakey and Tzy. Bayoz is known for producing beats for UK rapper Giggs as well as many others and his EP features J Spades, Blade Brown and more.

Wretch 32 caused a stir last week as he released the audio to his second single ‘Doing OK’ which comes after ‘Blackout’ featuring Shakka from his forthcoming third album. This time it features Jacob Banks, who is also part of the Renowned group. The album has no release date yet but is set to be released this year via Ministry Of Sound.

Until next time…

April 14, 2013

MTV The Wrap Up: Mic Righteous [Interview]

Mic Righteous has risen steadily from an up and coming underground emcee to gaining positive mainstream success, most recently with tracks ‘Hold It Down’ and ‘Ghost Town’. With the release of his third mixtape ‘Open Mic’ which is currently storming the iTunes chart, The Wrap Up’s Shireen Fenner catches up with Mic to talk watered-down music, attention from the ladies and a secret exclusive…

The Wrap Up: Talk us through the beginning – what was the thought process behind your artist name and do you feel you’ve lived up to it?

Mic Righteous: My original rap name was Mr E; that was a name given to me by my older brother – I looked up to him. It was more of a jungle MC name, so I thought I needed to change it. I was thinking and then the word righteous just came into my head – I’ve always been a fan of mic’s, like Michael Jackson, Mike Tyson and Michael Jordan. I thought Mic Righteous sounded good so I went to my manager and I asked him ‘What does righteous mean?’ he told me what it meant [and he kept the name from then on].

Now I have developed into that character… it was like that name was given to me, I never found the name because I didn’t know what it meant at the time. [Therefore] it’s not a case of ‘have I lived up to it’, it’s ‘am I living up to it?’ I’m not him yet, God keeps putting these trials in front of my way and I keep tackling them, and that will enable me to develop into it.

TWU: Your third offering ‘Open Mic’ is your first offering that isn’t free for fans – why do you feel this EP is worth paying for as opposed to the others?

Mic Righteous: One of the hardest things as an independent artist is [the lack of] money and financial backing. If you want a video to look good, that’s going to cost you thousands of pounds – but we’ll put the thousands of pounds in. That money is coming out of the pockets we have to work and hustle on the streets for.

I do feel like the effort and work I’ve put into my mixtapes is the sort of work and effort that these artists are putting into their albums – and I’m just putting that out for free. That’s costing me a lot of money and I’m not making anything back, but to me it’s never been about the money, it’s always been about the love.

It’s about real hip-hop coming through. People with an opinion will always say ‘we don’t hear real hip-hop’ or ‘people don’t play real music’ – but that is because people don’t support real music or pay for it. So, this is not me saying ‘you guys have got to pay for this’, this is a trial to see if it works. Now’s the time to support real music.

TWU: You’ve expressed the dramas of your life in your lyrics. How hard has that been, or is it therapeutic for you?

Mic Righteous: Pain is just an emotion that’s a reaction to an action that goes on in your mind. The hardest part for me is the sacrifices I have to make. I’m a 22-year-old who has a child; he has a very good mum but unfortunately I can’t be with her no more – I can’t have that life. That’s part of God’s test on me; I have to do what’s right for him.

TWU: In an interview with The Wrap Up last year, you said you knew you would ‘have to water everything down’ eventually to win the public over. Did you follow through with ‘Open Mic’?

Mic Righteous: If you listen to ‘Open Mic’, you’ll hear what I mean – that’s about as watered down as Mic’s going to get. It keeps its credibility and it’s just me playing around with hooks. Not everyone is going to feel that aggression… I’ll never, ever, ever just jump on a Calvin Harris tune; I’ll go to the studio and get a beat made for me. I’ll go in the studio with a guitarist and asked him to mash up some Slipknot and I’ll rap to that. I don’t mind that because I like that kind of music; I wouldn’t mind screaming my head off on a rock beat and going crazy. 

TWU: What do you want fans to take away from ‘Open Mic’?

Mic Righteous: I just want them to understand that no matter what, I’m just going to be me – take what you want from it; but understand the work and dedication. I want them to fall in love with it and follow me on the journey.

TWU: Tell us something that fans would be surprised to know?

Mic Righteous: This is just a maybe, so I shouldn’t be saying anything but Shireen I like you and I like what your doing so I’m going to say it regardless of what anyone else has to say… As long as ‘Open Mic’ goes well, there MIGHT be a 30-track mixtape of pure hip-hop bangers. I dunno, I didn’t make it, this guy Mic Righteous did… It MIGHT be released – who knows?

TWU: This is one for the ladies….do you have a girlfriend?

Mic Righteous: A gentleman never tells…

TWU: But you get more female attention now… so how do you deal with it?

Mic Righteous: When I was young I never got female attention, so when I’m out here and I get female attention I lap it all up [laughs]. That’s just the way I am… I love women and I respect them fully. I like it, I can’t lie I really do enjoy it. I like hanging with females, sometimes more than dudes. I know a couple of girls that I can chill with and we get on better than most men.

TWU: Last message to the fans?

Mic Righteous: It’s all love. I’ve got love for every single one of you, old and young. The door is always open for more fans… I don’t even want to label you as fans because you’re not; you’re just people that I love. If you love me then keep listening to what Shireen’s doing because she is a wonderful person and keep reading her articles on The Wrap Up because she’s doing something good.

Published on 11th Feb 2013

October 16, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

It’s been a busy week for me as I headed to various events that were happening around London, one of which being RWD’s 11th birthday party on Saturday. Room 1 saw sets from DJ TargetLogan SamaFonti and Bushkin as well a live set from Boy Better Know. Room 2 saw a hip-hop takeover as DJ Semtex and Shortee Blitz and others spinned the decks. I saw a few familiar faces in the crowd, including Clement Marfo and Roll Deep’s Manga

In news, it seems that Wiley has signed another album deal for his upcoming album ‘The Ascent’, which is said to be released in February next year. Tracks on the album will include his hit No.1 single ‘Heatwave’ and second single ‘Can You Hear Me (Ayayaya)’ featuring SkeptaJME and Ms D. Standout features on the tracklist include Emeli SandeAngelKanoChipIce Kid and a mysterious line up of seven grime MC’s – I wonder who will make up the magic seven?

Fans were disappointed when Giggs delayed his video release by a day for NY who released her album yesterday, proving what a good friend he is. Watch out for the video ‘What N****s Want’ tonight at 8pm as it will be released via Rap City TV. I know I’m excited to hear what Giggs has in store, are you?

Charlie Sloth recently announced on his BBC 1Xtra show that he had a meeting with the MOBO’s bosses and they had agreed to let ‘The UK Rap Anthem’ be performed live at the award show. This reminds me of the epic moment when Tinchy Stryder’s ‘Game Over’ was performed for the first time there. ‘The UK Rap Anthem’ was made to celebrate the power and variety of the UK rap scene in 2012 and unites rappers from across the UK together on one track. It includes Mic RighteousEnglish FrankMadhat McGoreShotty HorrohFlow Dem and more.

Rap City released ‘The Trap’ movie, a 48-minute piece written by Arnold Jorge, aka A Squeezy. It features UK rappers J SpadesDun DMargs and Fekky. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s definitely worth a watch.

Joe Black surprised me with a mixtape last week! I didn’t expect there to be a ‘Realionaire 1.5’; I expected the north London rapper to jump straight to number 2. His first ‘Realionaire’ mixtape caused quite a buzz last year and I can’t wait for the next one. In the meantime, check out the free 20-track mixtape featuring some of rap’s heavyweights including Blade BrownSqueeks, Margs and Fekky.

In other news, Dru Blu told everyone why you can’t mess with him and his ‘Clique’ as he spat some heavy bars over the original G.O.O.D Music instrumental. We also saw two other videos be released recently; one was Cashtastic’s ‘Alarm Clock’ and the other saw Political Peak release the video to ‘Jump Off’.

Until next week!

October 10, 2012

Nas [Interview]

When we heard Nas was in London performing tracks from his new album ‘Life Is Good’, we were excited to say the least – so you can imagine how we felt when the opportunity arose for us to sit down with one of hip-hop’s greatest artists for a chat. The Wrap Up’s Shireen Fenner talked to ‘The Don’ about the recently released video for ‘Cherry Wine’ featuring the late Amy Winehouse, rumours of him not writing his own lyrics and future collaborative albums…

The Wrap Up: You always rep your hometown of Queensbridge, New York. How did living there influence you and what connection do you still retain?

Nas: That is where I was raised; it taught me everything. I grew up with the heroes of music; Marley Marl and his production, MC Shan. Lots of big records were made in that neighborhood by Marley Marl, to Salt ‘n’ Pepa and Heavy D. Lots of pioneers did their first hits with Marley Marl in the studio in my neighborhood. Of course, I was too young to notice at the time, but I just loved the musical history from my hood. I’m like, ‘wow, this place is special’ – it blew me away.

TWU: As a poet, you are outspoken at times. Do you stand by everything you have said over the years, or do you have any regrets?

Nas: I don’t have any regrets. The things that I have said when I was young and curious about whatever the subject matter was, I respect those – those are growing pains. Even if you make mistakes, I go back to those things, my not-so-great moments because those are my truest moments; those are my human moments. I’m not even mad at the things I said that were a little dicey.

TWU: You have been called one of the greatest lyricists of our time. So how did you feel when there were rumours that you don’t write your own lyrics?

Nas: Nothing. Nothing at all. I felt a little bit like Shakespeare, if I may be so bold. They said he didn’t exist. They said that a bunch of poets combined were Shakespeare. That’s funny, it’s funny! I take it as a high compliment… actually, that’s too much of a compliment – I have to humble myself.

TWU: You have been in the game for a long time. Can you tell us the lowest moment of your career and the pinnacle of your career to date?

Nas: I don’t really know the lowest moment; I’ve always stopped something once I saw it becoming a little too big. We come from banging on the tables at lunch time and freestyling raps at elementary school to actually having records and albums – that’s enough! That’s already an amazing accomplishment. Whenever I received too much praise, it just didn’t feel right to me – ever. I was always in control of how big it [the movement] got or how much it chilled out; I was for the most part in full control, so I’ve been all good.

In terms of pinnacles, I’m always trying to outdo the next thing. Bruce Lee said something like, ‘there are no limits, only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them…’ I’m a fan of Bruce Lee, but I believe there are no plateaus. You continue to grow… I don’t know if I have reached my pinnacle.

TWU: The video for ‘Cherry Wine’ has just been released – can you explain the concept of the video?

Nas: It was touchy – I just wanted to respect her [Amy Winehouse’s] memory. She was not like any of these artists that are out today; it had to be done in a way that was right. I had to make sure it didn’t look pop; I had to make sure it felt natural. The director made it happen, he knew what I wanted – I love the way it came out. Of course, we all wish she was still here with us to do the video, but I’m a rider and I’m keeping that memory alive.

TWU: Kelis and your daughter are talked about subjects on the album ‘Life Is Good’. How important was it to you to wear your heart on your sleeve lyrically?

Nas: It was really important. When I was writing the record, those were the things that I was dealing with. I went to the studio to record other records, but the stuff that was weighing heavy on me was what I winded up writing about.

TWU: ‘Belly’ is one of my all-time favourite movies! Do you have any plans to act again in the future?

Nas: [Laughs] Yes, I do. I walked away from it. I wasn’t into acting for a long time, I did the TV stuff to see how I felt about it again and I liked it so I’m ready.

TWU: What are your thoughts on the new generation of rappers?

Nas: There are some real good artists out there, like Big Sean; everything he is on, he does his thing. There’s so many that are doing what they do – it keeps me excited to watch where they’re going to take it – they also push me.

TWU: Share your thoughts on UK music with us.

Nas: I like the great artists from here, from Slick Rick to Sade to Phil Collins, George Michael and Soul II Soul. I also like the artists before us, like The Beatles. There is a great history musically here. I also really like the underground rap scene here; I can’t remember names, but I will see something from time to time that really impresses me and is really dope.

TWU: There have been talks of three collaboration albums in the pipeline between you, Mobb Deep, Common and DJ Premier. Are they still going ahead?

Nas: The one that was really meant to be happening was between DJ Premier and me; we’re talking. I definitely have plans to do more collaboration albums in the future. I’m a big fan of Common. I’m a big fan of Scarface; I’m a big fan of so many people, from Jeezy to… well, there are a lot of people’s music that I respect. I don’t know who I will collaborate with, but there’s a great chance of something happening.

Nas will be performing at the o2 arena on March 19 – for your tickets, head to TicketMaster.

October 9, 2012

MTV Wrap UP: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Nas was in London last week to play three intimate shows and brought Wretch 32 and George the Poet for support, which saw them both perform at one of Nas’ shows in Shoreditch, showing the exceptional lyrical talent the UK has to offer…

Meanwhile, one of UK raps most talked about artists at the moment will soon have something new for us; J Spades is hitting the studio tonight as he announced on Twitter that he will be finishing off an exciting new track: “Studio tonight to finish up that new  ‪@REAL_JSPADES and ‪@WackaFlocka tune! ‪#Bricksquad ‪#MMMP! #MMMP2 coming soon!” As he mentioned in the tweet, his new mixtape ‘More Money More Pagans 2’ will be coming real soon.

Chip also took to Twitter to tell us when his anticipated mixtape ‘London Boy’ is due out and also revealed details on the next project that he has in store for us: ”‪#LondonBoy 25th December !!! FREE MIXTAPE #PizzaBoy feat. @MeekMill up next… Shutting the clubs DOWN!!!”

I previously filled you in on Rapper Tag UK; an online cypher that started with Mystro. The last one ended with M9 aka Melanin 9; their latest video is up now and sees Hackney MC Cyrus Malachi spit some bars. It is also Rapper Tag’s first birthday – we wish them many more years to come!

As well as K. Koke’s ‘Pure Koke Vol. 3 ‘dropping last week, the USG rapper also got airplay for his debut single ‘Turn Back’ featuring soulful singer Maverick Sabre. The track is about his struggles and samples Sting’s track ‘Shape Of My Heart,’ which Nas also used on ‘The Message’. The video will be dropping soon.

USG boss Squingy was joined by members Exo and Lefty to bring us the theme tune ‘Money On My Mind’ to the forthcoming movie ‘Fedz’. The soundtrack will also include tracks from J Spades, GiggsMargs, DVS, Joe Black and more.

South London’s Colours Miyagi has returned from a short hiatus to bring us a brand new track ‘Burn’, showing us that even though he has been away, listeners are “locked down now I’m back”. His lyricism and flow has developed into something more special; other rappers can learn a thing or two from this one.

Political Peak has dropped two tracks this week in the lead up to his ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ mixtape. ‘Wise Up’ was the first one to be heard featuring Ard Adz and Blacker. The next was ‘Dreamin’, an emotional track featuring former Sugababes member Keisha Buchanan who add a nice touch to the song with her strong vocals.

Until next Monday!

October 2, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

He has been one of my favourite rappers for over a year now, since the release of ‘Yob Culture’ and my first meeting with him last summer at the filming of the UK BET cypher. Mic Righteous has announced that he will be releasing an EP called ‘Open Mic’ in January and after his immensely impressive SB.TV session last week, I know this may well be the best we have heard from him so far…

He has also asked the True Tiger boys to remix his first single ‘Ghost Town’, which I expect will have a dubstep sound.

Cashtastic was busy on Saturday night as he shot the video to his new track ‘Alarm Clock’, tweeting: “Gunna wake the game up wid ‪#AlarmClock both song and video”, he tweeted this along with pictures from his Instagram account to give his fans a taster of what is to come.

K. Koke had a special surprise for fans last night as he had them guessing on Twitter what his ‘#KokeSurprise’ was. He then released a net video to a track called ‘Warning’, announcing that he would be releasing ‘Pure Koke Vol 3’, writing: “THE LAST PUREKOKEVOL3……… AFTER THIS IAINTPERFECT 2 D WORLD USG ATEAM RCA/ROC”. The last of the Pure Koke tapes will be out tonight at 8pm, so make sure you look out for it.

Last week we heard a bit more of what was to come from Giggs – I know I am definitely excited to hear some new music from him soon. He tweeted last Monday: “WHEN WILL IT STOP” still coming soon…” He also shot a new music video last Monday, so we should be hearing and seeing some new material from him in the immediate future.

Political Peak gave us a video of the behind-the-scenes action for his forthcoming video ‘Jump Off’ and then released the audio to the track. The club banger comes from his forthcoming ‘Dreams 2 Reality’ mixtape.

I spoke to him about the track, which sees him take a different approach his usual style: “A producer from Philadelphia came over to London to work with me. He showed me his sound that he’s got going on out there – then ‘Jump Off’ was created. The song is basically about bad girls getting treated like good girls.”

Youngs Teflon has been working hard and recently released the ‘Wrapping Ain’t Dead’ video from his ‘Tr!ll!n’ mixtape. The south London rapper has called on some UK heavyweights such as SkeptaNoLayJoe Black and Squeeks to help him out with the free 16-track mixtape

September 24, 2012

MTV Wrap Up – UK Rap Rundown [News]

Hey guys. It looks like winter is back; hopefully my news will cheer you up on this gloomy day! On Saturday night (22nd) I went to the East Ender Festival in Shoreditch where newbies such as the Bakery Boys, XO Man and Joel Culpepper joined some old-school heads like Blak Twang, Mystro and TY. I had a chat with TY about why events like these are important to the scene… He said: “Hip-hop events like this are important because in a time when mainstream pop-rap is so readily accessible in the charts, you need somewhere where the real lovers of all forms of hip-hop music can see artists from all over the world on the same stage.”

Saturday’s co-hosts Supa Dupa Fly said: “It’s important to put out quality hip-hop from the UK. Having legends TY and Blak Twang on the line-up made it really special for us. We plan to do more events like this – watch out for the Jazzy Jeff show at Jazz Cafe on October 15!

The booking of Doom had nothing to do with us, but its big shame and let down for the audience that he did a no-show. This just makes us want to support British music even more – TY, Blak Twang, Big Ted and Emily Rawson saved the day!”

I also picked up Mystro’s debut album ‘Mystrogen’ from him on Saturday night. The album reflects the set of skills he is renowned for; it is witty, humorous and has a great mix of wordplay, punch lines and social commentary – I think it is set to be a classic. It’s now available from all good digital outlets and includes features and production from Si Spex, Show N Prove, Mr Thing, Big Al and Homeboy Sandman.

Let’s take a look at tracks and videos of the week now. Genesis Elijah released ‘Underground King’, an honest and hard-hitting track where he spits his views on the music industry. Klashnekoff alsoreleased his highly-anticipated album ‘F**k The Long Talk’ last month and last week he gave us one of the tracks ‘Got To Be Right’ produced by Show N Prove to stream.

Ard Adz and Sho Shallow were due to open up for the Maybach Music Tour earlier this month; sadly, it was postponed. However, the pair covered their track ‘Actin Up’ with a version of their own in true Windy Music style. The duo also visited Link-Up TV for a session, giving us some deep and honest bars.

Melanin 9 released a video to his second track ‘Organized Democracy’, which is also a trailer for his ‘Magna Carta’ album which will be out on December 3.

Lastly, USG’s boss Squingy released the video to ‘Deeper’ from his ‘Wrighty’s 1st Son Part 2’ mixtape. I was a part of the video shoot so see if you can spot me in the visuals…

Until next week!