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February 6, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @Grimsickers1 @CapoLee100 @SIRSPYRO @DDoubleE7 @DevlinOfficial

Grim Sickers ft. JME – Kane

Grim Sickers has been building the respect of his peers in the game since appearing on LOTM V, and it’s no wonder why as he is hard working and lyrically his bars are effortless and very distinctive. He dropped the video to his new remix to track ‘Kane’ this week which features BBK’s JME and is produced by Swifta Beater. Mike Skinner & Despa have picked up on the track and have signed it to their new label.

Capo Lee & Sir Spyro – Stop Talk

Capo Lee and legendary Grime producer Sir Spyro have come together for a collaborative E.P ‘Stop Talk’ and this is the first video to be released from the project. Capo Lee sprays some heavy duty bars telling certain people to just stop talking and put their words into actions. The full E.P will be out 24th Feb.

D Double E – How I Like It

He’s a legend when it comes to Grime music and last week he not only announced his first headline show at the 02 Islington Academy, but also dropped a brand new single ‘How I Like It.’ It’s got his trademark adlibs along with fresh bars and a clean video.

Devlin ft Maverick Sabre – Blow Your Mind

Devlin unleashes the video for his brand new single featuring the soulful voice of Maverick Sabre. Devlin shows off his magnificent wordplay and double time bars on this track. The track will be on on his forthcoming album ‘The Devil In’ (out Feb 10th).


January 13, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @SNOW667 @LethalBizzle @ScorchersLife @Davinche @DevlinOfficial

Snowy – Idris Elba

Nottingham MC Snowy’s workrate is incredible, and he drops a new one for us titled ‘Idris Elba,’ paying homage to someone who is inspirational to him. It’s a strong track full of intelligent bars and witty wordplay from one of this years serious one to watch Grime MC’s.

Lethal Bizzle feat. Giggs & Flowdan – Round Here

Lethal Bizzle releases the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Lennox Rd,’ and it’s a cold one. The Heavytrackerz bring us a instrumental full of drama and suspense whilst Bizzle bring us heavy-duty, aggressive bars, and Giggs well Giggs he definitely shows up some Grime MC’s as he goes innnnnnn on this track whilst Flowdan helps out Bizzle on the hook. This is a banger!

Scorcher – Paranoid

Scorcher brings us a dark & determined track to kick off his 2017 produced by Donaeo’ who also adds some of his recognisable adlibs to the track. It’s full of sinister twists and turns and shows off Scorchers lyrical ability and set of flows he has.

Davinche – Scorcher, Ghetts, Mercston, Mikill Pane and  Sam Sure – Powers

Davinche is set to release his brand new album ‘Powers’ where he had 2 weeks with 32 artists to create this project. The first video is a powerful track from three of Grime’s most influential MC’s Scorcher, Ghetts and Mercston who go back and forth over a dramatic instrumental from Davinche, whilst Mikill Pane intro’s the track with a spoken word delivery.

Devlin – Blow Your Mind ft. Maverick Sabre

Three years on since collaborating, Devlin and Maverick Sabre are back at it making beautiful music. ‘Blow Your Mind’ will be on Devlin’s forthcoming album ‘The Devil In,’ and shows Devlin rap in double time whilst Mavrick Sabre handles the hook soulfully like he does.

September 7, 2015

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @officialAvelino @Bonkaz @lilnastyuk @iAmShakka @JMEBBK @SectionBoyz_ @DevlinOfficial

Bonkaz & Avelino – Shine

Bonkaz and Avelino have generated a lot of heat in the music world this year with their releases individually. The two new generation artists are serious ones to watch and if you haven’t taken note already, do now! The track shows off both of their hard, lyrical ability as they go back to back effortlessly over an Acekeyz produced hip hop beat.

Lil Nasty – Regardless

East London Grime MC Lil Nasty has dropped quite a lot of new music this year keeping the heat on his name. He continues to bring the fire after the release of mixtape ‘100 Rounds’ this summer with new single ‘Regardless’, which is produced by another big name in Grime Sir Spryo. Nasty goes in on this track where he talks about making it ‘Regardless’ in music, it’s a kind of self motivational track.


Shakka & JME – Say Nada

A song about a break-up joins singer/songwriter Shakka with Boy Better Know’s JME. Shakka shows conflicting emotion in this song where he talks about finding a freak who likes ‘tasty meat’, whilst on the flip side dealing with the heartbreak alone on his house. This is his first single to be released via label Pitched Up who he has just signed with, and will be on his third forthcoming EP ‘Lost Boys’.

Section Boyz – Lock Arff

London based rap crew Section Boyz who this year have created a big name for themselves, and will continue to rise drop a brand new video for single ‘Lock Arff’. The menacing lyrics and delivery from the crew are carried over a threatening bass led production. They have established themselves through their unique flows and rhymes, and are gearing up for the release of their debut album ‘Don’t Panic’ out September 18th.

Term & Rachet ft. Devlin – Corned Beef City

Old skool Grime MC Devlin is back with brand new track ‘Corned Beef City’ with producers Term & Rachet. He delivers intense bars over the heavy production. We haven’t heard that much from Devlin recently, and it seems the reason why is because the producers are working with Devlin on his third studio album. That is definitely something to look forward too!


June 29, 2015

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @SectionBoyz @LayZ_Music @AR15UK @NeroUK @KingPMoney

Naughty Boy ft. Section Boyz – 140 Man At Ya Door

Section Boyz profile has been rising fast this year, so it was no surprise that prolific producer Naughty Boy, best known for his tracks with Emeli Sande, has got them in the studio for them to work their magic on one of his beats. “140 Man At Ya Door” shows off Section’s unique flows on this gritty production.


Lay Z ft JME & Frisco – That’s What I’m On

North London MC and Boy Better Know affiliate Lay Z delivers a new tracks with an old school Grime feel. Joined by two members of BBK Frisco and JME on a Teddy Music production, the three MC’s all bring their own distinctive lyrical qualities, bars and content, with a memorable, catchy hook. This will easily be a future grime classic.

AR15 Presents Wretch 32, Devlin, Rebecca Garton & Swiss – Helpless

AR15 drop the 3rd track off their exciting forthcoming mixtape AR15 Presents Concrete Jungle. This one features rappers Wretch 32, Devlin, and Swiss from So Solid with solid, sweet vocals from Rebecca Garton with the track based on them describing their tough road to success and how it wasn’t easy for them to get to where they are now.


Nero – Two Minds

Nero continue to show us their diversity with this brand new track, the fourth cut to be heard from their forthcoming album Between II Worlds where they explore the house territory. The vocals from Alana are beautiful and are really powerful on this track, sitting nicely with the piano hook, thunderous bass and coarse synths. The album is out on August 28 so if you like what your hearing stay tuned for that.

P Money – Roll Up ft Saf One, Deadly & Blacks

Ahead of his mixtape release Money Over Everyone 2 which is a sequel to the first groundbreaking one, where afterwards he became one of the most sought after MC’s, P Money drops a fresh new video “Roll Up”. This brings two of the UK’s strongest Grime crews together OGz with P Money and Blacks and StayFresh’s Saf One and Deadly. Footsie takes care of the production on this intense Grime track, where all the MC’s bring their strongest bars.‘Money Over Everyone 2′ is out now on iTunes. 


March 23, 2015

Pixie’s Tracks Of The Week @DizzeeRascal @OfficialGiggs @SectionBoyz1 @SwayUK @Sneakbo @DevlinOfficial @Skepta

Dizzee Rascal ft Giggs – Nutcrakerz

I first heard this track on Charlie Sloth’s show last month and instantly thought what a banger! Dizzee Rascal teams up with UK raps finest Giggs for this Heavytrackerz produced single sampling the famous Tchaikovsky classical ballet song from the Nutcracker. Heavytrackerz have done a fantastic job turning it into a heavy grimey track. Giggs and Dizzee of course bring us a lyrical madness that these two flow masters are accomplished in, talking about the past.

AR15 Presents Section Boyz – Trapping Aint Dead

Alwayz Recording have released the news of their forthcoming epic mixtape by of dropping the first track from there from Section Boyz titled’ Trapping Ain’t Dead’ produced by Nana Rouges. Section Boyz are one of the most talked about, up and coming crews right now and kick off the ‘Concrete Jungle’ mixtape with this catchy track. The mixtape will feature UK rappers such as Skepta, Wretch 32, Ratlin, Sneakbo, Ghetts, Youngs Teflons, Stormzy, Tempa Tand more.

Sway – Stream It

Sway has been on a hiatus for a little while touring with Example and developing the careers of others such as Tigger Da Author. Now he is back with a brand new album to be released in June. ‘Stream It’ is the first single to be heard from the album featuring Afrobeats star Mista Silva; the follow up to ‘Upload’ and ‘Download’, showing Sway at his lyrical best and looking at the effect of instant music.

Sneakbo ft Grizzy, S-Wavey & M Darg– Look Like You

My favourite mixtape of the moment is Sneakbo’s ‘Jetski Wave 2’ and ‘Look Like You’ ft Grizzy, S-Wavey and M Darg is the new video Bo has released from there. This man literally does not stop working and this hard, street track shows Sneakbo at his finest.

Devlin ft Skepta – 50 Grand

Devlin is back after a hiatus as well from the music scene and comes back with a bang. With Skepta featuring on brand new single ’50 Grand’ these make a firing combination. Both Grime dons’ together can only mean something explosive. Devlin has also announced his fourth studio album due later in 2015. Riches is the theme, I’m going to say no more, just get listening.

December 3, 2012

Devlin – Rewind (Official Lyric Video)

Teaming up with US singer-songwriter Diane Birch, Rewind combines both her mournful vocal, tremulous strings, and Devlin’s forlorn reflection on the friends he has lost over the years that can’t be with him to enjoy his success.

October 22, 2012

Devlin – Off With Their Heads ft. Wretch 32 [Music Video]

Devlin and Wretch 32 are two artists who work so well together and have been for a while since the Movement. Check out Off With Their Heads taken from Devlin’s new album A Moving Picture out February 4th.

October 18, 2012

Delilah – Never Be Another ft. Devlin [Audio]

Listen below to Never Be Another featuring Devlin off Delilah‘s debut album From The Roots Up

September 19, 2012

Devlin [Interview]

Two years has passed since Dagenham rapper Devlin delivered his debut album ‘Bud, Sweat And Beers’ – now he is back and gearing up for the release of his second album ‘A Moving Picture’. After recently giving us a taster of what is to come with the free download ‘The Director’s Cut’ mixtape, The Wrap Up’s Shireen Fenner headed down to the Adidas HQ to talk about his new single ‘Watchtower’, acting and the realness of his lyrics…

The Wrap Up: Hey Devlin. In the past, you have been associated with O.T and The Movement. What is your background with these two crews?

Devlin: I got involved in O.T when I was growing up and first started listening to grime. The Movement started with me and Ghetts; he’s my friend. Scorcher and Wretch [32] were doing their thing and they were so lyrical, we thought we should come together so we could all bounce off each other and better ourselves. O.T, that’s my family, that’s my management, that’s my boys – I’ll always be O.T.

TWU: How does coming from Dagenham influence the content of your verses?

Devlin: I can only write about what I’ve seen and that is a big influence. I am writing about my upbringing and that inspired me to write a lot of songs. It is the place that made me. That’s all I can be, I just try and do me and a lot of people have got behind me for it.

TWU: Can you talk to us about the video to your latest single ‘Watchtower’?

Devlin: Ed [Sheeran] and me just did a move and it all went wrong. It’s a short film, with a cinematic vibe. Usually you get a video where you’re looking down the camera performing, but this one it was all about the acting.

TWU: Many of your peers have got into acting; is that something you would consider?

Devlin: I really enjoyed it, but it was nerve racking as hell! I’ve always respected anyone who has a pop at anything in their art form. I really enjoyed it. I also thought Scorcher, Asher D and Kano did really well in ‘Top Boy’. Who knows? I might follow in their footsteps one day if the role is right.

TWU: The Dylan and Hendrix versions of ‘Watchtower’ are timeless classics. Was there pressure when creating your version?

Devlin: Going back to what I was saying before, all I can do is me. I’ve had a go; I’ve wound up a lot of old people who are disgusted that me, Ed and Labrinth have even tried to cover the song.

TWU: ‘Watchtower’ is a clear divergence from your general style. Did the alternative instrumental influence what you wrote about?

Devlin: It is a hip-hop beat still. Just because the sound is different, it doesn’t mean you can’t make that sound as crazy, or as different, or as synthetic as possible. You can take those tempos anywhere. To me it’s still a rap song, it just sounds rocky – its rocky rap. The sound of the record definitely influences how you write or what you write. With a concept in mind, I wanted to sit back and look at my life over the last two years in the industry.

TWU: It’s been two years since your last album ‘Bud, Sweat and Beers’. How will the forthcoming album ‘A Moving Picture’ show the evolution of you as an artist?

Devlin: It’s just a natural progression; my sound is a lot more professional and grown. I’ve got two years of being in the mainstream to write about. I’ve played Wembley, I’ve done my own tours and I’ve done things that were a dream up until two years ago. I’ve got a lot to draw inspiration from and a lot of new things to talk about. It’s been an emotional journey and I want to try and capture that in the album.

TWU: Dazed and Confused magazine called you ‘one of the few MCs daring to say something different’. How do you feel about this statement?

Devlin: For a start, I appreciate that. There’s a negative element about my music, not all the time, but everyone’s painting a happy picture out here, I’m just trying to paint the picture that I see. I just try and see things, rather than making a song about a Rolex, or having millions of birds wrapped round me. I can only draw on what I’ve seen and paint the real picture.

TWU: What do you think a UK rapper needs to get a number one?

Devlin: You’ve got to be clever with it. You could have a straight up rap song and I don’t think it would get to no.1. That is why you put the choruses on there for these singles and try and play the game. The more pop you go, the more successful you become. I can’t go that poppy, but make a funky house tune and talk about birds, diamonds and watches; then you’ll end up at no.1. I doubt I ever will.

TWU: Lastly, who would you say is the hottest UK femcee?

Devlin: I’ve not known that many female artists over the years. No Lay and Baby Blue, they’ve been lyrical, they’ve had flows and they’ve been about for quite a long time. If you’re a good looking bird I’m not that fussy. I’m a brunette man…

September 11, 2012

Plan B – Deepest Shame ft. Ed Sheeran, Chip & Devlin [NEW MACHINE REMIX] [Audio]

Producers New Machine remix Plan B‘s latest single Deepest Shame with Ed Sheeran, Chip and Devlin.