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October 8, 2012

Clement Marfo & The Frontline – Last Night [Music Video]

Clement Marfo + The Frontline get rather raunchy in the video for their latest single Last Night. They are seen partying hard with Made in Chelsea stars Spencer Matthews and Hugo Taylor as well as Celebrity Big Brother contestant Georgia Salpa.

October 8, 2012

Clement Marfo & the Frontline – Last Night (Preditah Remix) [Audio]

Grime producer Preditah remixes Clement Marfo + The Frontline‘s latest single Last Night. Due to be released on November 26th, here will be additional remixes from Sibling and Jacob Plant.

August 24, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: The UK Rap Rundown [News]

In last week’s column I gave you some info on Professor Green’s Twitter rants. This week, he and Akala went head-to-head with one another on the social networking site. Pro Green hit out at Akala after he used him as an example of white rappers depicting black culture in music, referencing Pro Green’s ‘Jungle’ negatively. Akala threw Maverick Sabre’s name in, who featured on the track, during the heated twitter discussion which led him to release a statement – read more here

Clement Marfo also went on Twitter to show his frustration at his record label recently, explaining that him and his band The Frontline’s album should have been released last autumn; yet there is still no release date. He then leaked five of his album tracks for free to his fans.

Last Monday I headed down to the Jump Off Finals at Scala, London. The MC battle was a very close one, but in the end Tenchoo was the winner of the 5K prize. The producer battle wasn’t quite as close and most people had decided on the winner Loko (Black Ice) from the first round. Dance crew Prototype won the 10K prize, the biggest of the night. Congratulations to all of the contestants for getting so far.

Squeeks has been releasing a lot of visuals this month; this week alone he has put out two. The first one is ‘Meet K’ where he talks us through a story of a female. The second one ‘I Got You’ was released yesterday and is a refix of The Weeknd’s ‘Rolling Stone’ – it’s definitely one for the ladies!

Wretch 32 released his freestyle ‘Drinking In The Sky’ featuring Chip, giving us a teaser of what to expect from his mixtape ‘Wretchercise’ the next day. This was his first full-length project in a year since his album ‘Black & White’. I have to say every one of the 17 tracks on it is strong and makes me excited for his next album.

SN1’s Gunna Dee also tells us why he likes ‘Bad Girls’ on the first video from his ‘Happy Hustler’s Day’ mixtape. The track features Angel who gives us a catchy hook.

There was said to be an interesting mixture of people in the studio last week as ShystieScorcherExo and Red Skull Beats joined Vince Kidd for what I believe will be a remix of one of his tracks – as usual, keep your ears and eyes peeled ‘til next time!

May 25, 2012

Clement Marfo & The Frontline – Champion

One of my favourite acts to come out of the UK Clement Marfo + The Frontline release their video for single Champion. The visuals show them performing in a boxing ring inspired by David Haye’s famous WBA Heavyweight title victory over Nikolai Valuev. This single is released July 23rd.

May 9, 2012

Camden Crawl Sunday Review

Sundays Camden Crawl was going to be as eventful as Saturdays. Stuck in the tube for 20 minutes, I was getting annoyed at the fact that I could very well miss Benny Banks performance. I rushed to the Holiday Inn to pick up my band again and rushed to Barfly where Sway hosted the evening stage. As I got there I was hoping it was running behind time like yesterdays acts. Unfortunately it wasn’t and I had missed Benny Banks’ performance.

I headed to the Cuban to catch Random Impulse a grime MC from South London who plays the electric guitar with a backing band consisting of a bassist, drummer and another guitarist, bringing an innovative sound. We pushed our way to the front of the crowd, as Random Impulse seemed to have a lot of fans, packing out the venue. The performance was electric and he really seemed to have heated up everybody very well.

Next stop was Electric Ballroom for very talented artists set, Youngman. The Digital Soundboy vocalist really brought fire to the large venue as soon as he came on, bringing everyone dotted around the venue to the front and raving. Known for his vocals in the drum n bass, r&b and bassline scene, everyone in Electric Ballroom certainly knew his recently released single ‘Who Knows.’

Youngman’s and Random Impulses set had got us hyped up as we made our way back to Barfly for one of my favourite acts Clement Marfo + The Frontline. People wonder how I still enjoy there sets after seeing so many…the truth is each one for me is the same as seeing them for the first time. They always keep up the excitement and bring such a tremendous amount of energy; it’s hard not to start moshing. We raved hard in the upstairs of Barfly, with everyone jumping around it was hard for the newbies not to get caught up in their set!

Next was the dubstep crew True Tiger at Dingwalls. As I waked in I caught sight of the Newham Generals, happy knowing they were going to be gracing the stage with the Tigers. They played some of their well know produced tracks including ‘Slang Like This’ and ‘Be Like Me.’ Dingwalls again was pretty much packed out for their set, with some faithful fans in the audience skanking out to the bass heavy tunes.

Food was the next for us as we headed along Camden high street, finding pizza was the best option. We thought about going back to the Cuban to see Melody Kane DJ at the afterparty but were too tired. Making our way to the taxi stand we called it a night. Both Saturday and Sunday had worn us out in a good way, and I would definitely recommend the crawl to any music/party lovers next year.

April 20, 2012

Clement marfo and The Frontline: Destined to hit highs and headlines in 2012

Meet rapper Clement Marfo, who has been making waves as an individual on the underground grime scene. Then there’s the band: you have vocalist Kojo, Dion-on drums, Johnny on bass, Rich and Dan on guitar, and the only female, Stacey, on keys and vocals. Collectively their sound is unique, uniting hip hop with grime, rock and pop. They have been together for three years, playing shows on the underground circuit as well as supporting Example, Plan B and Florence + the Machine. Now 2012 is set to be their year, to be at the forefront. Flavour meets Clement Marfo & The Frontline to talk fusion, concrete and Captain Kirk…

So, can Clement Marfo function or exist without The Frontline, or The Frontline without their frontman?
CM: That’s a good question. I was a hip-hop MC before this, and a mutual friend hooked me up with Dion, and Dion knew other musical people and recommended them to me. Everything just came naturally; and I swear, if I wasn’t with the band, I don’t think I’d be in this position.
Dion: As a band, instrumentally we can hold it down, but this dude’s stage presence and energy is amazing. We bounce off each other. If any of us out of the seven wasn’t there, it just wouldn’t feel right.

Your sound has been described as a fusion of grime, hip hop, rock, pop and R&B – is that how you’d put it?
CM: The thing is, you can’t put us in a box. There are seven of us with different backgrounds. Dion’s into his rock, I’m into hip hop, Kojo’s into soul, Stacey’s into pop… there’s different aspect of things. We can cross genres. I would say hip-hop rock. We borrowed those elements and incorporated them in our music.
Do you think by mixing up all these genres it unites today’s youth?
Dion: I’d say so. I’ve met people that are strictly grime or strictly rock, and the two worlds just can’t understand each other. I feel as a band, hopefully we bring it all together. Kano did ‘Typical Me’ – that’s when everyone started to go, ‘OK.’
CM: People are borrowing elements. I think we’re in this generation where it’s not like your jazz, your hip hop, your pop; everything’s mixed around. When you come to our show there’s a wide demographic; there’s kids, adults, teenagers, black, white, Asian people. It appeals to everyone, not because of the music, but because of the seven figures you see on stage.

Does having so many creative individuals within one entity often lead to creative differences?
Dion: No chance.
CM: Were a family. I wouldn’t say not a chance.
Dion: No, because I feel like…
CM: We’re having a dispute right now… [all laugh]. It’s the quality control, everybody puts a contribution in, which is positive. It’s not like, ‘I want this in because I’m a rock guy.’ We all sprinkle our ingredients on it to come together. I’m the frontman.
Dion: Captain Kirk.
CM: There always has to be someone who makes the executive decisions, in a way. You’ve also got to listen, and the guys have got so many valid points, it makes you think outside of the spectrum.

How do you begin to make a song, with so many of you involved?
CM: There’s two ways: One is where a producer might come up with a little snippet of a beat and we kind of loop that and put an instrumentation of that. Or we go in a rehearsal studio or a sound check, for example, and come up with a natural jam.
Dion: We’ll go into a rehearsal room and start jamming and doing our thing, and Clement will come out with some screenplay, he’s very visual.

Tell us about your latest single ‘Overtime’. What has the reaction been so far?
CM: This is the first step in the door, I think. With this track we’re here to set a mark and the response has been crazy. It’s No 2 on the MTV Base Chart, and Radio 1, 1Xtra have all been supporting the track, and it’s got us MTV Brand New for 2012. The track is about nobody works harder than us, it’s about work ethic – in order to get where you are you have to work harder than the people around you. Someone like Ghetts, his work ethic is crazy – every year he’s got singles, mixtapes, collaborating – he was perfect for this.

Your second single ‘Mayhem’ is out in March, so tell us about it…
CM: We’ve had this track for a year and a half now. We knew it was going to have some heat on it, because when we did it on a few shows it gets the crowd hyped. With Kano on it, he just added an extra something.
Dion: He just swagged it completely.

Clement, how do you feel about other MCs on a track, being the group’s rapper?
CM: I like collaborations; I think it helps us as a campaign and as a product. People want to hear a great UK legend on track. If it was any Tom Dick or Harry, I’d be like what’s this?
Dion: For me, if you can bring it…
CM: It’s a very competitive field and it steps my game up. It’s great because these guys are inspirations to me and it feels like I’ve worked hard to be on stage with guys that I’ve looked up to.

What was the track that you feel first got you guys noticed?
Dion: It has to be ‘Champion’.
CM: Yeah. We wrote the song on the day of David Haye’s fight – we wanted an entrance theme, that was the inspiration for it. The day we recorded it, I remember the producer was like, ‘This is it, this is a hit.’ Then A&Rs started coming to our shows: Warner came, Sony came, EMI, it was like, woah, crazy! So after a few months we were offered a contract with Warner Brothers; it was like, damn, massive major label!
Dion: That was one of the best days, but we didn’t want to get gassed.

How long do you think it takes to create an underground buzz?
CM: You can’t blow in six months; you can’t blow in one year.
Dion: You just can’t do it like that.
CM: There are ways, though; with the likes of YouTube you can have one song and blow up. Everything takes steps – you can’t run before you can walk. We’ve been together maybe three years and I believe that’s how long it takes. You’ve got to build a foundation, get the concrete, make sure everything sits perfectly and then you can start building.
Dion: You need to be going out and tearing shows to pieces. I think what’s worked for us is we like to go out and talk to people after shows and just hang out with them. If you want to keep them on board, you have to give them something to remember.

You’ve worked with many great artists. Who’s been your favourite?
Dion: You could ask each member of the band and everyone’s got a different answer. For me, I feel torn, because Ghetts’ energy on stage is incredible, and then Sway, when he came down and I heard his verse, it was just like incredible.
CM: Ghetts matches our energy, and I love that. Sway adds a polish and Kano adds a package full of swag.

What’s the nicest thing a person in the music industry has said about your music?
CM: Mike Skinner from The Streets, we did a gig with him at the Freeze Festival and he said, ‘Keep doing what you’re doing, because you know what it is, I’m not going to make your head big, but you guys are the future.’ This is Mike Skinner, he’s sold millions. ‘The future’, that makes us feel amazing. He’s an icon, a legend.
Dion: There was a session drummer, Ginger his name is, he came down and saw the set and said, ‘That was incredible.’ For me, from drummer to drummer, that was just beautiful.

What can we expect from the forthcoming debut album?
CM: We’ve written 60 songs; I know in the back of my mind there’s eight songs that I want on the album.
Dion: We’ve all got our lists of what we want; because there are seven of us we need to get a shortlist.
CM: Expect something like ‘Champion’, big energetic hooks, full of instrumentations; we’ve got two guitarists so it’s going to be a very rock/hip hop/pop album. It’s out this summer, just before the Olympics.

Is 2012 going to be your year, we expect great things from you?
CM: I wouldn’t like to say yes, 2012 is our year, because I might jinx myself or underachieve.
Dion: I think it is; the momentum at the minute is building, and if we keep going how we are, then yes.

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February 15, 2012

HMV Next Big Thing Review – Cleo Sol, Starboy Nathan, Cover Drive & Clement Marfo + The Frontline

Cleo Sol led the way for the gig last Saturday night with her songs ‘High,’ ‘Loverboy’ and the Lily Allen and T Pain cover of ‘5 O’clock.’ This singer who was recently signed to Island Records stunned the crowd with her magical voice, and is tipped for big things this year.

 Starboy Nathan was next on leading his set performance with ‘Diamonds,’ gaining massive applause from the audience. He then asked the crowd, “Anyone know about my first album ‘Masterpiece?’” This created a stir cuing one of his old but great tracks, ‘Do Without My Love.’ Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On,’ started to play and Nathan performed a cover to the song, seeing as it was the weekend before Valentines Day, the song choice was relevant. The band had left and Nathan announced, “I’m just cuing myself, it’s just me doing my thing,” with him starting and stopping the tracks himself. Then he performed a mish max remix of songs starting with Major Lazer’s ‘Pon de Floor’ as a backing track and singing over it the old school garage classic ‘I’m Sorry,’ by Monsta Boy. The last song was the most recent ‘Hangover’ saying, “My new album comes out its called 3D, which stands for determination, dedication, desire.” In the middle of ‘Hangover,’ he wows us with the ‘Teach me How To Dougie,’ dance then goes back to singing the rest of the song, also doing a dance, grinding his hips at the end for the females in the crowd.

Next up was the Barbadian group Cover Drive. Lead singer Amanda Reifer told the crowd, “When you move to the music, make sure you move those hips,” with her showing everyone how it was done. They performed the song, ‘Hurricane,’ from their forthcoming debut album. Amanda grabbed a Barbadian flag from a member of the audience and started waving it, as the drummer T-Ray Armstrong starts emceeing. As Cover Drive gained a lot of fans and followers from their YouTube covers, it was only right for them to do a cover which came in the form of Jennifer Lopez’s ‘I’m Into You,’ with T-Ray emceeing again. Amanda announced to the crowd, “This song I’m going to play for you is special, it’s our debut single.” ‘Lick Ya Down’ starts to play with Amanda asking the crowd, “London I want you to sing this for me.” Their newest single and last song of the night was up next, ‘Twilight,’ which really made the crowd go wild, with their fans dancing and singing along.

Time for a break and the headline act to set up, Clement Marfo + The Frontline. The intro begins ‘Barrel Of A Loaded Gun,’ which has one chorus. The crowd is already hyped after the intro and they launch straight into their less well-known songs, ‘Nothing To Lose,’ then, ‘Us Against The World.’ Clement Marfo talks to the crowd saying, “It’s been a big year, being tipped for MTV Brand New and HMV’s Next Big Thing,” thanking the fans for the support. Next up was ‘Survivor’s,’ which Clement dedicated to a friend that died from a gunshot wound. He really gets into the song, which means a lot to him, and the crowd starts waving their hands feeling the emotion filtering off him. It was now time to really hype themselves and the crowd up. It was time for ‘Champion,’ with Clement asking, “Whose feeling 10 feet tall?” The stage presence and energy of Clement Marfo + The Frontline on this track was amazing with the two front men Clement and Kojo jumping around the stage and dancing. ‘Overtime,’ played and the crowd was just getting more into it, with Ghetts joining them on stage for his verse and the crowd going ballistic. ‘Mayhem,’ was the last song of the night and Clement just topped off the amazing performance with a stage dive, with a bouncer pulling him back onto the stage to finish the performance.

February 6, 2012

Review: YoYo Nottinghill Arts Club: Clement Marfo + The Frontline and Mikill Pane

Yoyo’s in Nottinghill Arts Club is the only place to be on a Thursday night, and has been for years now. They always have a stellar line up, and plenty of music artists and industry guests coming to see and support the live acts. Last week Shireen Fenner headed down there to check out Clement Marfo + The Frontline and Mikill Pane, other acts that performed were a five piece band eclectic band mixing up soul, urban and rock called Warehouse Republic and Mike Delinquent played a set after all the live acts.

Clement Marfo + The Frontline rocked onto the stage and it was clear that they had many fans in the audience. The seven members from South London began the show with the band playing an intro showing us what they’re made of, with Clement Marfo emceeing and Kojo singing. After the second song Clement interacted with the crowd asking, ‘London how you feeling? You guys feeling good?’ They then moved onto the next track ‘Survivors,’ which is a song dedicated to Clement’s friend who died 5 years ago, with Clement and Kojo taking off their sunglasses to show emotion and respect. It was time to move onto the songs everybody knows starting off with ‘Champion,’ and the sunglasses coming back on. Clement then announced how he had played at YoYo’s four years ago, and how different the set up was back then and how much his circumstances had changed. ‘Overtime,’ was up next with no appearance from Ghetts, but we did have a surprise on the last track of the night, “Mayhem,’ with a surprise performance from Kano and the crowd going wild.

Now it was time for a break to grab a drink and have a chat about the performance before. The headlining act was now due on and Mikill Pane graced the stage in his collaborative Dope Chef t-shirt. The agenda for tonight’s gig for Mikill was to showcase some new songs from ‘The Morris Dancer EP,’ including ‘Kings,’ and ‘Cut Back FFWD,’ featuring Little Bear. Xo Man joined Mikill next for their joint track, ‘Follow Fashion.’ A live band now joined Mikill Pane for the last songs of the night from the ‘Blackcurrant and Guinness’ EP including ‘Golden,’ and ‘I Can Feel It,’ joined by singer Ben Clemo. Mikill then asked the crowd, ‘Whose going to see D’Angelo?’ Then the song started to play and we realised why he asked the question, as he delivered his lyrics to ‘The Return of Mister Pane,’ over the classic D’Angelo track ‘Lady.’

The three live acts were over, but there was another surprise in store as Mikill Pane left the stage and Doneo and Lethal B jumped on. Confusion struck, but then they announced, ‘everyone who wants to be in our new music video come up on the stage.’ I watched them perform and film the video for their new song,’ Not A Saint,’ safely from below. This Thursday Rita Ora will be preforming her first London show (if you don’t count her appearance on DJ Fresh’s set last night) at YoYo’s. If you’re a fan get on the guestlist and check her out.

December 2, 2011

MTV Brand New for 2012

Flavour’s Shireen Fenner headed to Koko last night to the MTV Brand New for 2012, which was headlined by Wretch 32, who was named on last years list. Two other acts who were shortlisted for this year who also performed were Clement Marfo + The Frontline and singer Angel.

Clement Marfo + The Frontline kicked off the show with an intro to Barrel of a Loaded Gun. They also performed their song Champion, which has been used for the Superbowl XLV Ad and the Formula 1 video game on Xbox. The most notable performance of the night was their new single Mayhem, which is produced by Ishy (Tinie Tempah, Tinchy Stryder) featuring Kano. When Kano came to join them on the stage, the energetic and lively Clement jumped onto the floor spraying the front of the audience with water. They finished their set with latest single Overtime, which features Ghetts, and a surprise performance from the man himself.

Angel performed next with single Ride Out, and singing another single Popstar, He pleased the audience with his rendition of Rhianna’s We Found Love, also giving an exclusive teaser of his next single. He told MTV how he felt about being nominated, “It’s been a long time coming and it feels like a blessing.”

Wretch 32 the headliner of the show was joined by surprise guests; Josh Kumra for Don’t Go, Etta Bond for Forgiveness, and an even more surprising guest Loick Essien. Wretch’s performance was amped up by accompanying singers, drummers and a guitarist. His performances of, Orthodox and Traktor got the crowd fired up and proved that MTV are spot on when it comes to naming ones to watch for next year.

The other nominees were announced for MTV’s Brand New For 2012 last night, here are all of the nominees voting closes on January 9th.

Charli XCX
Clement Marfo + The Frontline
Conor Maynard
King Charles
Lana Del Ray
Lianne La Havas
Michael Kiwanuka

*published at Flavour Magazine