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January 13, 2017

Pixies Tracks Of The Week @SNOW667 @LethalBizzle @ScorchersLife @Davinche @DevlinOfficial

Snowy – Idris Elba

Nottingham MC Snowy’s workrate is incredible, and he drops a new one for us titled ‘Idris Elba,’ paying homage to someone who is inspirational to him. It’s a strong track full of intelligent bars and witty wordplay from one of this years serious one to watch Grime MC’s.

Lethal Bizzle feat. Giggs & Flowdan – Round Here

Lethal Bizzle releases the first single from his forthcoming album ‘Lennox Rd,’ and it’s a cold one. The Heavytrackerz bring us a instrumental full of drama and suspense whilst Bizzle bring us heavy-duty, aggressive bars, and Giggs well Giggs he definitely shows up some Grime MC’s as he goes innnnnnn on this track whilst Flowdan helps out Bizzle on the hook. This is a banger!

Scorcher – Paranoid

Scorcher brings us a dark & determined track to kick off his 2017 produced by Donaeo’ who also adds some of his recognisable adlibs to the track. It’s full of sinister twists and turns and shows off Scorchers lyrical ability and set of flows he has.

Davinche – Scorcher, Ghetts, Mercston, Mikill Pane and  Sam Sure – Powers

Davinche is set to release his brand new album ‘Powers’ where he had 2 weeks with 32 artists to create this project. The first video is a powerful track from three of Grime’s most influential MC’s Scorcher, Ghetts and Mercston who go back and forth over a dramatic instrumental from Davinche, whilst Mikill Pane intro’s the track with a spoken word delivery.

Devlin – Blow Your Mind ft. Maverick Sabre

Three years on since collaborating, Devlin and Maverick Sabre are back at it making beautiful music. ‘Blow Your Mind’ will be on Devlin’s forthcoming album ‘The Devil In,’ and shows Devlin rap in double time whilst Mavrick Sabre handles the hook soulfully like he does.

September 19, 2012

MTV Wrap Up: UK Rap Rundown [News]

Hey, I hope you all had a good weekend – I did! Therefore, I am going to kick off with some good news this week. Hackney hip-hop artist Mikill Pane, who has worked with Ed Sheeran and Example, signed to Mercury Records last week. He announced the news via his Twitter and Instagram accounts, saying: “I moved to a new planet today. Proud to announce that I am now signed & I’m on Mercury Records…”

Mikill is said to be finishing his debut album ‘Blame Miss Barclay’,which we should be hearing before the end of this year. Congratulations!

Plan B has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize shortlist for his third album, which was also the Ill Manors soundtrack – making history as the first ever soundtrack to get a nomination. The judges have praised the soundtrack to his film of the same name, calling it “a brilliantly visceral soundtrack to an angry, troubling and harsh picture of life on the underside of London in 2012.”

Fekky,who previously teamed up with DJ Whoo Kid to release his ‘Come On Den’ mixtape, recently released his video to ‘Bang’ featuring Young Spray and Frisco. He also announced that he will also be working on a joint EP with Slic Vic and has a track with Wretch 32 in the pipeline. Meanwhile, Young Spray took to GRM Daily to release a net video to ‘Away’ – a heartfelt track from the ‘Hard To Kill Vol.2’ mixtape.

Jaja Soze recently released his album ‘The Last Message’. He also dropped the video to his track ‘Street Paradise’, an inspirational jam; which hears him say: “The urban scene just gets nervous every time I speak and when they see me it gets worse they try and kiss my feet.” Jaja also joined Geko for his latest track ‘Slideshow’.

Play Dirty’s Yungen gave us the hard new track ‘Rapstars’, which hears him talks about the life he lives – “independent life no label.” The track is produced by Steel Banglez; sounding like an interesting fusion of rap, rock and electro.

Clixx brought us a beautiful live acoustic version of his second single ‘Only If You Want’, which features singer Jermaine Riley and is from the ‘XX’ mixtape. We should be hearing some new material from Clixx soon; he is definitely one to watch.

Last week K. Koke shot the video to his first official single featuring Maverick Sabre from his ‘I Ain’t Perfect Album’. Speaking on K. Koke’s online TV series, Maverick Sabre said: “I love universal music, music that can connect with everybody no matter what genre. I think there have only been a few rappers over time that can do that well.

“I think the best way through hip-hop you can do that is through pain and struggle. Everybody can connect with that to a certain level. People speak to the people.”

August 7, 2012

Elro feat. Mikill Pane & Ghetts – Real World (Remix)

Elro brings us a witty new verse for the remix of Real World, and is joined by Mikill Pane and Ghetts who deliver two massive punch-line packed verses over a dark rework from producer Show N Prove.

April 20, 2012

Hey Baby by Mikill Pane featuring P Money, Fem-Fel & Katie Price

CJ Beatz premiered Mikill Pane’s new tune Hey Baby featuring P Money, Fem Fel and Katie Price. Taken off the You Guest It EP, which is set to drop Sunday April 22nd on SBTV, and will feature Yasmin, Ed Sheeran, and Example.

February 15, 2012

Mikill Pane ft Yoshee – Kings

Mikill Pane releases the video for Kings featuring Yoshee off The Morris Dancer EP

February 6, 2012

Review: YoYo Nottinghill Arts Club: Clement Marfo + The Frontline and Mikill Pane

Yoyo’s in Nottinghill Arts Club is the only place to be on a Thursday night, and has been for years now. They always have a stellar line up, and plenty of music artists and industry guests coming to see and support the live acts. Last week Shireen Fenner headed down there to check out Clement Marfo + The Frontline and Mikill Pane, other acts that performed were a five piece band eclectic band mixing up soul, urban and rock called Warehouse Republic and Mike Delinquent played a set after all the live acts.

Clement Marfo + The Frontline rocked onto the stage and it was clear that they had many fans in the audience. The seven members from South London began the show with the band playing an intro showing us what they’re made of, with Clement Marfo emceeing and Kojo singing. After the second song Clement interacted with the crowd asking, ‘London how you feeling? You guys feeling good?’ They then moved onto the next track ‘Survivors,’ which is a song dedicated to Clement’s friend who died 5 years ago, with Clement and Kojo taking off their sunglasses to show emotion and respect. It was time to move onto the songs everybody knows starting off with ‘Champion,’ and the sunglasses coming back on. Clement then announced how he had played at YoYo’s four years ago, and how different the set up was back then and how much his circumstances had changed. ‘Overtime,’ was up next with no appearance from Ghetts, but we did have a surprise on the last track of the night, “Mayhem,’ with a surprise performance from Kano and the crowd going wild.

Now it was time for a break to grab a drink and have a chat about the performance before. The headlining act was now due on and Mikill Pane graced the stage in his collaborative Dope Chef t-shirt. The agenda for tonight’s gig for Mikill was to showcase some new songs from ‘The Morris Dancer EP,’ including ‘Kings,’ and ‘Cut Back FFWD,’ featuring Little Bear. Xo Man joined Mikill next for their joint track, ‘Follow Fashion.’ A live band now joined Mikill Pane for the last songs of the night from the ‘Blackcurrant and Guinness’ EP including ‘Golden,’ and ‘I Can Feel It,’ joined by singer Ben Clemo. Mikill then asked the crowd, ‘Whose going to see D’Angelo?’ Then the song started to play and we realised why he asked the question, as he delivered his lyrics to ‘The Return of Mister Pane,’ over the classic D’Angelo track ‘Lady.’

The three live acts were over, but there was another surprise in store as Mikill Pane left the stage and Doneo and Lethal B jumped on. Confusion struck, but then they announced, ‘everyone who wants to be in our new music video come up on the stage.’ I watched them perform and film the video for their new song,’ Not A Saint,’ safely from below. This Thursday Rita Ora will be preforming her first London show (if you don’t count her appearance on DJ Fresh’s set last night) at YoYo’s. If you’re a fan get on the guestlist and check her out.

January 12, 2012

Mikill Pane – I Like You [Free Download]

This is the first track off Mikill Pane’s new EP Morris Dancer

December 6, 2011

True Tiger @ Barfly Camden Live Review

True Tiger’s first ever live, intimate gig was at Barfly in Camden last night. A few people were wondering how a dubstep group could perform a live show. Bringing in a bassist, drummer, and sitar and with Chunky their host banging away on a tambourine, proved that it can be done, and it can be done well.

Mikill Pane supported the group with his DJ first, he told me why he was here today, ‘True Tiger are going to be on my album, we’ve got a tune called ‘Roll On.’ We were on the roof of his (Stanza’s) studio and he was like, “We’d love to get you to support us at our show,” obviously I said yes because they’re my good mates.’

‘It was f****** cool tonight. I’m going through my iphone when I get home and picking out my favourite photos.’

‘I love live bands. If you look at a lot of the photos that I took, they’ll be focused on the drummer, it’s all about the beat for me. True Tiger’s forte is the fact they produce stuff with amazing beats. The melodies are cool, the beats are amazing, so it enhanced it.’

True Tiger performed some of their memorable tracks including ‘Jungle,’ without Professor Green who was on tour so couldn’t join them. Their remix of Ed Sheeran’s ‘A Team,’ really got the crowd going, it was just a shame he couldn’t be there, with Stanza telling me after, ‘Ed was meant to be here, we had it planned out, but last minute he had to go to Manchester to promote the album.’

Chunky introduced another support act asking the audience who they thought it was, hinting he was from the same area as him. It had to be Daley a singer/songwriter from Manchester. Stanza told me about the new track that he performed tonight, ‘we’ve got a new tune with him which is one of the singles from our album called ‘Love Lost,’ he’s got an amazing voice and we had to get him here to do the single. It was wicked to have him here, he’s going to have a bright year next year.’

Everyone got hyped up when D Double blessed the stage for ‘Be Like Me,’ which was one of the highlights of the night, along with ‘Slang Like This,’ with P Money’s appearance of the night. It proved how fantastically well MC’s can work with a live band, enhancing the performance.

They played some of their dirtier bass tracks including ‘Show Me Your Bass Face,’ and Sukh Knight’s ‘Ganja Dub,’ and ‘Orange Powder.’ The show ended with their most recently released single, which features Maverick Sabre and Professor Green, ‘In The Air.’

Stanza told me how he thought the show went about the build up to it, ‘It’s out first live show; we’ve been working on it for the past few months. We wanted to keep it intimate. Normally we just DJ so mixing tunes, or doing PA’s with artists just playing the backing track which is really boring for us. This time we got to play our tunes live, and play all the parts. We’re all playing different parts of it and added different intros and outros, so yeah it was good.’

‘It’s been tough we’ve been rehearsing long hours, just taking a lot of trial and error, there were a couple of things we weren’t happy with but hopefully no one noticed.’

I asked him how nervous they were, ‘A couple of our lot had a sneaky lot, it’s our first show so everyone was anxious to see how many people were there, and if anyone was actually going to come. Everyone was a bit nervous, and we were relying on new equipment and stuff we’ve never run through before. The maschine and the novation kit, that’s all new, we were a bit worried about how it was going to run.’